Urgent care clinics can currently be found in most towns and cities across the United States. The size can vary, but they’re all staffed with qualified medical professionals who treat everyone who comes into their walk in health clinics. One of the biggest benefits of these walk in health clinics is that they accept all walk ins, and don’t require appointments. This makes walk in health clinics like urgent care ideal for those who have irregular schedules and can’t go to the regular doctor’s office when it is usually open. Urgent care clinics provide a number of important medical services and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • The Annual Flu Shot: One medical service that urgent care clinics provide is the annual flu shot. It’s important for everyone, young and old, to receive the flu shot because it provides the best opportunity for avoiding the flu during flu season each year. The flu shot is available for anyone who needs it during a few months of the year, and can be received without a prior appointment.
  • X-Ray Services: Another medical service that urgent care clinics provide are X-ray services. As the name implies, these are services that use X-rays to diagnose a variety of injuries, including fractured bones and potentially broken bones. Sometimes getting X-rays is the only way to determine if a problem exists, and since urgent care doesn’t require an appointment, it’s a good place to go to if you find yourself in need of X-ray services.
  • Sports Physicals: A third medical service that urgent care clinics provide is the sports physical. This is a complete examination completed by someone who wishes to participate in organized sports, usually as part of a school team. A complete physical must be performed beforehand to make sure there are no underlying problems that could cause issues down the road.
  • Diagnosing Cold and Flu Symptoms: And finally, a fourth medical service that urgent care clinics provide is diagnosing cold and flu symptoms. The most common diagnosis in an urgent care center was upper respiratory conditions, which means the doctors see a lot of patients with cold and flu symptoms. By seeing the doctor at an urgent care clinic, symptoms can be correctly diagnosed as being part of a cold or the flu (as they’re similar but not identical), and a proper course of treatment can be prescribed.

In conclusion, there are several medical services that urgent care clinics provide for their patients. These services include: giving out the annual flu shot, providing X-ray services, performing sports physicals, and diagnosing cold and flu symptoms. These are just a few of the medical services that an urgent care clinic can provide.

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