A person’s hair on their head is often a point of pride and identity, and American adults today care very much about the quality and quantity of the hair that they have, both among men and women, and great industries exist for the trimming, coloring, and styling of the hair on someone’s head. However, even for a perfectly healthy person, hair loss or having hair fall out is a typical, natural symptom of age and sometimes genetics, and adults, especially men, must contend with balding patterns and general hair loss as they age. However, medical procedures allow a person to restore and rearrange their heir to eliminate unsightly bald spots or thin patches of hair, such as a hair transplant and a follicular unit extraction operation, or FUE. getting this service can cost money, but it is popular and has proven to get desirable results among many of its patients, and FUE hair transplant cost and pricing is something that any interested patient can ask to a medical facility that offers this service. The FUE hair transplant cost is just one factor to consider. In general, who loses their hair and when, and what does the FUE transplant method entail?

Rates of Hair Loss

Someone looking into FUE hair transplant cost may also want to bear in mind general trends of hair loss, and who loses it and when. Men in particular must contend with this; two out of three American men experience some degree of appreciable hair loss by age 35, and by age 50, some 85% of men have experienced significantly thinning hair. At any given time in the United States,a bout 35 million men are contending with hair less of pattern baldness to some degree, and it has been determined that about half of a man’s hair will be lost by the time the effect is noticeable. Women sometimes suffer hair loss as well as they age, and they, too, can take advantage of hair transplant methods to restore a full head of hair. Any interested client can find local medical centers that offer this service, and investigate the FUE hair transplant cost to find the best possible deal.

The Procedure

Someone getting a FUE transplant will have some of the hair on their head carefully removed in strips, and hairs are clustered around follicles. Hair follicles are often extracted in groups of four, although other numbers are also possible for this operation. The hair is then placed in the balding spot and oriented so that the hair flows in the same direction as the existing hair to create a seamless and natural look, and although this operation does not increase the total number of hairs on the customer’s head, this will mean that their hair is denser where it is found, and more consistent across the head, both for men and women who want to get this procedure done. Afterwards, there should be no significant side effects aside from itchiness or very mild bleeding that can be contained with a small towel. More serious bleeding may call for the patient going back in for more medical care before the condition becomes serious.

A person may consult his or her hair dresser, barber, or even their doctor to find local clinics that offer FUE extraction methods, and get the name and addresses of these places and call them or visit to learn about the expertise of the staff and the FUE hair transplant cost there. An interested patient may compare and contrast several different places to find the best deal, then call and set up and appointment to get their full head of hair restored as they want it.

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