Sometimes, one or more people in a family may suffer a drug or alcohol problem, and this can negatively impact the lives of the abuser’s family members. For this reason, alcohol detox centers, emotional support animals, alcoholism treatment, and testosterone treatment or weight loss programs can be launched for those who suffer not a drug problem, but have other conditions that they want treated. A family practice center is often the solution when a loved one is suffering a health problem, and how to find a family doctor can be easier done than some may realize. Help is often close by.

Problems People Face

Drug and alcohol abuse are tragically common, and a family doctor is a medical professional who monitors the health of a family’s members for years, allowing them to know when and how to deal with a problem. There are plenty of people who need this help; in 2015, for example, it was found that just over 20.5 million Americans 12 years old or older had a substance use disorder, and some 2 million were abusing prescription pain relievers, and similarly, 591,000 were in the middle of a disorder involving heroin. In fact, around 23% of people who use heroin end up having an opioid addiction, estimates show. Alcoholism is another problem that often has fatal results, and a family’s members may become deeply concerned when a loved one becomes an alcoholic, and they may intervene to help that person recover from this problem. A family member who has become morbidly obese, meanwhile, faces greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, and extreme body fat may interfere with standards of living. With these afflictions and more, a family may search “how to find a family doctor” into a search engine so they can get the medical help that their loved one needs. The question “how to find a family doctor” and why to get one is important to answer.

How to Find a Family Doctor

According to Family Doctor, a family doctor is a medical professional who takes care of the whole family, and is generalized to take care of a wide variety of ailments without one specific area of expertise. This doctor will get to know each family member over years and know their health history and needs, and keep track of chronic conditions and diagnose new problems quickly and accurately, and this person may be referred to if a loved one develops a drug or alcohol problem. Often, the doctor will arrange a detox and recovery program for the afflicted family member. These doctors may care for anyone from an infant to the elderly, and they may take care of such problems and areas as eye care, basic testing like X-rays, minor surgical procedures, nose, ear, and throat care, asthma or heart disease.

How to find a family doctor? If someone does not already have a doctor for the family, they are strongly urged to begin looking for one who can take care of them. A family member may ask their relatives for a referral, or they may check with their insurance policy and see if any local doctors are listed on it. A person can assemble a short list of doctors to consider, and then narrow down the list with more specific needs and questions. For example, whether or not the doctor is taking new patients and accepts the person’s insurance is a good place to start, and if a doctor does not meet those needs, he or she can quickly be struck off the list. The doctor’s office hours, on-call hours, the hospital that they use, and whether they perform imaging tests in the lab are also factors that someone looking for a family doctor should consider.

“How to find a family doctor” does not end there. Once a good doctor is chosen, a person can schedule an appointment and see the doctor, and the outcome can help the person make their final decision. For example, if the doctor showed an interest in getting to know the person, or if they make the patient comfortable and their office was convenient to get to, the doctor may become the final choice. The doctor should also explain things in a manner that the patient can understand as well.

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