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If you’re one of the 18 million Americans who are suffering from sleep apnea, you might be thinking about investing in a CPAP machine if you have not already. While there are many different kinds of CPAP masks and devices, you might want to think about investing in an auto CPAP machine. These machines adjust themselves to the ideal pressure you need for your airway based on your own breath. They will re-calibrate and change based on factors such as weight loss and changing positions while you sleep.

If you’re wondering about why an auto CPAP machine might be the best type of CPAP machine for you, here are some answers to common questions.

1. What exactly is an APAP?

An auto CPAP machine, known as an APAP machine, automatically adjusts the pressure needed to keep your airways open, whereas a normal CPAP machine does not. Many people prefer an APAP machine because the machine automatically changes the pressure based on what position the person is sleeping in, and tries to deliver only the most minimal pressure needed for the airway to stay open.

2. How often should I clean by CPAP machine?

An auto CPAP machine filter should be cleaned when they become discolored. They should be rinsed weekly under running water and then air dried before being put back into the machine. If the machine collects a lot of dust, it needs to be cleaned more frequently.

3. How do I travel with my CPAP machine?

Regardless of the kind of CPAP machine you get, you can travel by air with CPAP equipment. Since your CPAP machine is part of your sleep therapy, you should not neglect it when you travel and should be brought along with you on all trips. A CPAP machine and mask are generally not seen as a carry-on item in the US. However, the CPAP case must meet the size requirements for a carry-on luggage.

You might need to contact your airline in advance and let them know you will be bringing your CPAP machine so they can give the proper guidelines for how to care for your CPAP machine while traveling.

4. Are there are other tips for transporting my CPAP machine?

Always remember to have enough power for your machine. Whether it be batteries or an adapter plug, especially if you are flying overseas. You should also remember to bring spare pieces to your machine and a back up mask in case your breaks or has issues.

Have you ever tried an auto CPAP machine? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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