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Addiction is one of the most frequent issues facing modern Americans today. From teenagers to young adults to older adults, millions share a common struggle in attempting to address and overcome dependence on outside substances. Drug treatment is a resource to turn to when weaning yourself isn’t working out, with trained professionals with years of experience able to provide you the resources you need to get back on your own two feet again. Ibogaine drug treatment, in particular, is becoming well-known for its fast results and dependable long-term effects on a wide variety of addictions.


Let’s start off with the most common addiction in the United States. A few years ago it was estimated there were at least 130 million Americans who consumed alcohol on a regular basis — while anybody can develop an addiction to alcohol, those with mental illness, a genetic predisposition to the substance or both have a higher likelihood of dependency. Alcohol is easy to obtain and still leads the pack as the most easy substance to become addicted to after cigarettes, tobacco and over-the-counter medication.


Prescribed by doctors for minor to severe pain, oxycontin can become addictive when taken in the long-term. This drug generated over $45 million in sales for Purdue Pharma, reaching over $1 billion five years later and seeing a 2000% increase. It now accounts for roughly 30% of the painkiller market, seeing many struggling to overcome a dependency on the drug and seeking out addiction treatment as a result.


An illegal drug that sees some of the most severe side-effects, heroin (or diamorphine) was originally synthesized as a product of Bayer A.G. back in 1874. It can be taken in a variety of ways and often leads to not just addictions but sexually transmitted diseases. Studies have shown nearly seven million people with an addiction have a form of mental illness, if not several, and this can significantly impact both the drugs used and the treatment sought out.


Mental health plays a major factor in addiction and, subsequently, addiction treatment. Over 14 million monthly prescriptions were written for Adderall (for Americans between the ages of 20 and 39) back in 2011 — this was noted by multiple studies to have a nearly three fold increase over the five million scripts written just four years earlier. If you’re worried about whether or not conventional addiction treatment methods can help you, continue reading to learn more about one of the most effective methods.

Ibogaine Treatment Therapy

Seeking out addiction treatment isn’t an easy process. Thankfully, modern technology has made great strides in the field of minor to severe addiction and offers millions of people across the world treatment programs that work. Ibogaine treatment therapy is an increasingly popular method of tackling everything from alcohol addiction to oxycontin addiction for its broad approach to withdrawal symptoms — studies have shown ibogaine is effective at obviating up to 98% of PAWS (or post-acute withdrawal syndrome) side-effects. Whether or not you qualify can be easily done with a simple check-up and exploration of your personal health and family history. With addiction treatment easy to obtain, there’s no reason not to boost your quality of life today.

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