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We live in complicated times. As the year 2016 winds down, and we move toward the New Year of 2017, many Americans find themselves worried, stressed and concerned. As uncertainty from the 2016 Presidential Election continues, in fact, an increasing number of Americans are searching for ways to approach the new year and the Presidential transition with some sort of hope that they can still make a positive difference in their own part of the world.
And while many spiritual coaches claim to know how to help their followers achieve the goal of staying positive in even the most difficult times, many of the messages boil down to the same thing: like yourself no matter what happens.
How to Be Successful Podcast Number 1
Happiness is loving yourself for who you are.
If you are a 53-year old mother who is overweight and has grey hair unless it is the first two weeks after you color appointment, you need to embrace those pounds and that ever widening grey streak down the middle of your part. If, on the other hand, you are a 45-year old skinny thing who still has beautiful reddish brown hair, you need to love yourself as well. And you certainly better not be one of the 45-year olds who moans around about being two pounds out of weight and finding your first grey hair.
Happiness journals, gratitude journals, and all of all of those ideas that life coaches give you are not doing their job if you wake up in the morning afraid to look at yourself in the mirror.
How to Be Successful Podcast Number 2
Happiness training is a great idea, but the real test is if you still feel good about yourself when you realize you are standing in the line for your museum tickets wearing two different kinds of shoes. On your right foot you are wearing a brown no heel leather slip on. On your left foot you are wearing a black woven tennis shoe with a slight wedged heel. It is not until you make your way to the front of the line and have obtained the tickets that you desired. The rush to get these tickets is, in fact, the reason that you asked your husband to let you out of the car even before he parked. This success podcast is about not crumbling when you realize your fashion footwear mistake, but instead laugh it off and even take a photo to group message to your family, including your college sophomore daughter who is not with you.
Few, except the most confident, can laugh at themselves and even turn their ridiculous mistakes into a small amount of entertainment for someone else. Gratitude lessons are found n these moments when you can always find a way to be thankful, even when those in line behind you are laughing at your feet!
How to Be Successful Podcast Number 3
Children are the secret to our real success. When you realize, for instance, that your children are spouting your words of wisdom to you when you are having a moment of doubt, you can begin reaping the benefits of of what you have sewn. When you hear your daughter who is a sophomore in high school explain to you that she knows she will be all right even though she just had a week full of poor test scores, you smile to yourself knowing that she has taken the words that you shared so often in the past.
The fact that your high school daughter can pull you out of the slump that you have slipped into while she is giving herself a pep talk is a major reward for a grey haired, overweight, mismatched shoe wearing mother!
How to Be Successful Podcast Number All the Rest!
Are you starting to figure this Stay Positive thing out? It means that you have to take control of what you can and let the rest go. Research indicates that gratitude emerges in children between the ages of 7 and 10, meaning that what goes around comes around. Your well trained positive kids can even help you stay positive!

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