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Over the last several years, electronic cigarettes have become one of the most popular ways for cigarette smokers to safely satisfy their nicotine cravings, eventually weaning themselves off harmful tobacco cigarettes. In fact, sales of these devices have skyrocketed from just 50,000 in 2008 to more than 3.5 million in 2012.

With the steadily-rising popularity of electronic cigarettes comes a concern of how safe it is to vape and drive at the same time. No laws currently exist that make it illegal to vape while driving — but that doesn’t mean there are no safety concerns when it comes to using an electronic cigarette while driving.

Want to enjoy your e cigarette liquids while driving — but don’t want to compromise your safety? By following these three safety tips for vaping and driving, you can be a safe, responsible driver:

Be prepared

Before you get in the car, your e cigarette should be filled with e cigarette fluid. Its battery should be fully charged and the device itself should be ready to use. It’s important never to do any of these things while driving — if you have to refill your e cigarette liquids on a long journey, you’ll need to pull over to do so.

When you drive, focus on driving

As stated before, never perform tasks like refilling your e cigarette fluids or charging your e cigarette’s battery while driving. You shouldn’t be doing these things while stopped at a red light, either, as these tasks can be surprisingly dangerous even if your car is technically not in motion. While you drive, the road should be your top priority.

Never litter — ever

Traditional tobacco cigarette smokers are notorious for flicking their used cigarette butts out of their car windows while driving. With electronic cigarettes, this is absolutely a bad idea. Not only are you likely breaking the law by doing so, you’re also wasting a perfectly fine and re-usable device that probably cost a good amount of money. Broken, discarded electronic cigarettes can also harm wildlife — so just keep your devices in your car.

Do you agree with these tips? Have any other questions for us about getting the best e cigarette experience possible? Let us know in the comments below.

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