If you’re looking to get comprehensive and thorough medical treatment, consider a visit to your local medical clinic. For one thing, there is more likely than not going to be a medical clinic near you, as urgent care clinics have sprung up all throughout the United States. As a matter of fact, there were already well over 7,000 such walk in clinics by the time that we had reached the year of 2016. In the time that passed us by since, this number has only grown, the typical medical clinic becoming ever more popular among those needing medical help.

And recent data continues to back this up. This data shows that up to three million people will attend one medical clinic or another over the course of just one single week. And such urgent care locations are well staffed as well, with as many as 20,000 doctors working at them as of the current date. And again, these are number that are only likely to keep growing and growing in the years that are ahead of us. But why, exactly, have medical walk in clinics become so desirable in the eyes of so many?

For one thing, going to a medical clinic is largely more convenient than seeking out other kinds of medical care. For one thing, your typical urgent care center or medical clinic is more likely to be open all days of the week than the average doctor’s office will be. The data that has been gathered on the subject very much backs up this claim, as it shows that up to 85% of all urgent care centers seen throughout the country have hours on every single day, even on holidays and weekends, when many other medical establishments will be closed. For many people, this can make it all the easier to avoid going to the emergency room.

And going to the emergency room is most certainly something that should be avoided as much as you are realistically able to do. After all, while emergency rooms are certainly ideal for treating medical emergency rooms, the average medical clinic can treat just about anything else. In fact, only around 3% of all cases first seen in the typical medical clinic will ever need to be transferred to the local emergency room for that area. Conversely, however, it has been found that sometimes more than 60% of patients in any given emergency room could instead have been treated in a local urgent care clinic, something that would likely have saved them a great deal of time and money alike.

After all, the average medical clinic can provide a wide array of services, ranging from the treatment of sports injuries to STD testing to even TB testing and other forms of medical care. Flu prevention is also common – and important – at any given medical clinic. After all, the flu can all too often be quite brutal indeed, infecting as much as one fifth of the population during a particularly bad season. And even during lesser flu seasons, up to 5% of all people found throughout the United States are still quite likely to become infected. As the flu can have serious medical implications for even healthy adults, avoiding it with a flu shot obtained at a medical clinic in your area is certainly going to be quite highly recommended indeed.

Seeking treatment for various injuries is also common at the local medical clinic in just about any and every community found in the United States. After all, the course of just one day alone will bring about as many as 25,000 ankle sprains, the brunt of them (up to 80%, as a matter of fact) caused by an inward rolling of the ankle. Going to a medical clinic is ideal for any given ankle sprain, but what about for more serious injuries? Fortunately, this is very much also the case, thanks to the fact that more than three quarters of all urgent care locations are actually able to provide both the diagnosis of and treatment for fracture cases, provided that the fracture in question is not too serious (this is something that will vary from case to case).

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