Opioid addiction is one of the biggest issues facing Americans today. Though some hold stereotypes regarding opioid users, the fact is that anyone can become addicted to opioids, whether they focus on prescription pills or — perhaps infamously — heroin . Fortunately, there are programs and treatment centers that can aid in the recovery processes of addicts. Addiction doesn’t mean the end of the road for anyone; it just means that there is a problem, and one that must be solved.

It’s important to consider how people become addicted to opioids and especially heroin, as well as why. These factors can effect treatment plans in the future. No single patient is the same as another. Let’s look at why addiction happens — and how methadone clinics can make a difference for countless opioid addicts.

Why Are So Many People Becoming Addicted To Heroin?

Did you know that in 2016 alone, around 948,000 Americans reported using heroin? That number is daunting on its own; but keep in mind that it’s growing, as about 170,000 people starting using heroin for the first time that year. That’s nearly double the number of people who used it in the first time in 2006. Illicit drugs have long been issues in the United States, but heroin is clearly becoming a bigger problem than it once was. So why is that happening?

The fact is that heroin is an illicit drug that produces a similar effect to many legal drugs. As an opioid, it is often sought out by people who are already addicted to prescription opioids; it’s very possible that some heroin addicts never would have started using heroin itself if they had not first become addicted to prescription medications. In fact, four out of five patients at methadone treatment centers began misusing prescription painkillers first. This very issue is why some suffering from opioid addiction are hesitant to try inpatient methadone maintenance treatments; they’re understandably concerned about becoming addicted to methadone in place of heroin. However, under the proper supervision, this type of treatment can potentially help people recover from their addictions.

Why Recover At A Methadone Rehab Clinic?

There are many different types of heroin detox programs available — and it might be tempting for some patients to completely cut themselves off from any and all substances and medications. This isn’t always the right choice for everyone. Inpatient methadone maintenance treatment can be a great option for those who want to recover from heroin addiction in a less jarring manner, with proven results.

It’s important to remember that these treatments are inpatient, first of all — and that recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. There is no shame if a patient undergoing inpatient methadone maintenance treatments is doing so for the second or third time, rather than the first. But starting out or starting fresh with methadone inpatient treatments allows patients to recover under the guidance of professionals. This is particularly important when considering methadone treatments.

Does Methadone Treatment Work?

Understandably, some are skeptical as to the effectiveness of inpatient methadone maintenance treatments. Over 50 years, however, this treatment has proven itself reliable and, and its success rate is between 60 and 90%. But it should be noted that the longer a patient stays in inpatient methadone maintenance treatment the higher the rate of success is likely to be. It’s important for patients to invest themselves in this treatment, and to trust in it.

One of the hardest of heroin addiction treatment is the effect of withdrawal. Many patients find themselves unable to finish certain detox treatments because of the strong side effects, and methadone can help lessen those effects. Add in the setting of an inpatient treatment center, where patients are surrounded by supportive professionals — and the chances of success rise exponentially.

Again, recovering from opioid addiction and especially heroin addiction isn’t easy. But having a team on your side — and the benefits of methadone treatment — makes it easier than it would be if you were recovering alone. The first step is the simplest: looking into whether or not methadone treatment is right for you.

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