Having a baby can be a wonderful thing. Deciding to bring another life into the world with your partner should be one of the best moments of your life. However, getting pregnant can be a difficult task for more individuals than you might think. If you find yourself unable to easily conceive know that you are not alone with any reproduction problems that you may be facing. In fact, problems arise more often than not when it comes to many couples and their road to expecting. Here are a couple of the causes for infertility and what you should know if you’re having a problem conceiving.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS as it is often referred to is one of the most common problems when it comes to the reproduction system. In fact, studies have shown that about 10% of women are affected by PCOS and suffer because of it. PCOS means that there is an imbalance of small cysts on your ovaries that make it very difficult for conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy. Many women still have yet to be diagnosed with PCOS. If you believe you have this hormonal imbalance it may be time to contactor a doctor.

Body Weight Issues

Believe it or not buy your weight can be a big contributing factor if you’re having a difficult time with reproduction. If you have a body mass that is more than it should be or even far less than it should be than your body may be having trouble gaining and supporting a pregnancy. If your body is having issues with supporting itself than adding another person into that equation could prove to be more difficult than you may imagine. A BMI that is too high may even five you trouble when it comes to any sort of ivf process as well. Consulting your doctor and coming up with a health plan could help significantly.

Prior Infections

Another big cause of reproduction failure is STIs and other infections that may have left your body with some difficulties. For many women who have experienced prior STDs that have left any sort of scarring or wear and tear on your body you could have a difficult time when it comes to achieving that baby that you and your partner have been looking forward to. Often times your doctors can diagnose this and you and a specialist can move forward with your options to bringing home that safe and healthy baby.

Hormonal Imbalances

There are a plethora of other hormonal imbalances that can prove to make it difficult when it comes to conceiving a baby naturally. With many factors contributing to your hormones such as age, lifestyle, and genetics you and your doctors will have to have a conversation about many aspects in your life in order to get a good handle on where you stand and how to best go about making it easier for you to carry and sustain a pregnancy.

There are many ways in which visiting a reproductive clinic will help you to pinpoint exactly what is going on inside of your body and how you can achieve a normal and continuous pregnancy. From IVF treatment to artificial insemination, if you are one of the one in eight couples who are having a hard time conceiving a baby than perhaps it is time to see your local fertility center in order to get the ball rolling on how to achieve the pregnancy you’ve been planning and hoping for. Discuss all of your fertility options with fertility experts who have helped many others with the same problems that you may be suffering from.

Infertility procedures may seem to be scary and a last resort, but when the option is the path to helping you bring home that bundle of joy it will prove to be worth every second that you put into it. Help yourself today by visiting your local reproductive center and finding out what you can do to bring home that baby sooner rather than later.

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