People with mental health or substance abuse problems are sometimes asked by their doctors to enter a partial hospitalization program (PHP.) In this YouTube video, viewers learn about the purpose of PHP programs. The video also provides information about the way these programs typically proceed. The video also provides a list of professionals clients deal with in these programs.

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PHP attendance is often recommended for clients who have been hospitalized at an inpatient facility for either mental health or substance abuse issues. When clients have been medically stabilized during their inpatient treatment yet are not ready to go back to their “real lives,” they often enter a PHP. These programs typically last from 9 AM until 2 – 3 PM, and then the client goes home. This schedule allows the client to receive treatment for a substantial part of the day while allowing them to return home and enjoy time with their family and friends.

When clients are enrolled in the PHP, they work with a mental health or addiction counselor, a psychiatrist, and a nurse. Other clients with similar diagnoses attend the program and participate in group therapy and mutual support. During the day, clients attend group and individual therapy sessions. PHP programs last approximately 4 to 8 weeks and are intended to prepare clients for their lives after PHP.


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