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So you’ve been invited to a Botox party — or maybe you’re planning one yourself. They’re the latest trend in “girls’ night in” soirees, a chance to get together with your lady friends to indulge in gossip and a little self-love. More cosmopolitan than a Tupperware party, longer-lasting than a Mark Kay demo, Botox parties are a fun way to break into the benefits of Botox, especially for first-timers.
But party-planners and hostesses beware: Alcohol, many experts say, could interfere with Botox treatments. Most practitioners recommend avoiding alcohol immediately before and after Botox injections, as this may increase your body’s fluid retention rate and cause more visible or prolonged bruising from the procedure.
Botox, like juvederm and microdermabrasion, is an increasingly common cosmetic dermatology procedure, especially for women (and men!) between the ages of 40 and 59. Over six million treatments were administered in 2012 in the United States alone, and procedures increased another 8% in 2013. A Botox party, which usually takes place in a private residence with a licensed practitioner, can be a comfortable and relaxed way to receive Botox treatment — often at a discounted group price.
But unlike other parties you might like to throw with your girlfriends, it might be best to leave the margarita mix in the cupboard, at least if you want an easy and quick recovery. While Botox injections might be quick and painless, they’re still a medical procedure that can produce side effects like swelling, bruising, and muscle fatigue.

Remember, Botox is aimed at tightening up your facial muscles themselves, so you don’t want to let them get too loose before or after your treatment! While alcohol might help speed up the gossip train, it’s only going to slow your body down in its recovery. It’s unlikely that a little bit of drink will interfere with the treatment itself in any serious way, but it might increase signs of bruising afterward.

Do your face a favor and skip the wine and beer on Botox party day; after all, Botox is supposed to help you look good. Save those drinks for a later night out on the town with your girlfriends when you can really strut your stuff.


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