Millions of people are living with high levels of stress. This could be caused by work, relationships, money, health, family, and a host of other issues. It’s easy to feel discouraged and fall into a depression, but that may be the worst course of action. You should in fact be doing exactly the opposite. The power of positive thinking is much more than a ‘70s catchphrase, because our brains do in fact direct our thinking and our efforts. A positive psychology coach can help you to unleash your secret weapon, your mind and your motivation.

What is positive psychology?
Positive psychology may sound like a spinoff from the ‘70s, but it is also a field of study and research that looks at how people can be happy, and find satisfaction and meaning in their lives. This varies for each individual, of course, and the road to happiness may be different for everyone. Sports and physical effort, volunteering, spending time with family and pets, hobbies, music, travel – there are many ways to achieve a positive frame of mind.
The mind-body connection is real, and positive thinking affects not only your physical health but also your overall direction in life. That’s because your efforts will tend in the direction of your thoughts. If your thoughts are focused on looking ahead at what you want and need to achieve, your unconscious will be figuring out ways to get there. Positive psychology can help you to identify your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

What can positive psychology do for you?
As many as a third, or 33% of all Americans, feel that they are dealing with high levels of stress. According to the American Psychological Association, the three leading causes of stress are work, money, and family issues. All together, these can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. It’s easy to feel bogged down, or as if you’re on an endless treadmill that will never stop.
The good news is that the solution is in your own hands. And your own mind. The smallest shift in your own thinking can change the direction of your life. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? You may need some help getting started, which you can get with positive psychology coaching.

Do you need a life coach?
You remember them from your school days, your coaches who taught you the basic skills you needed for your game, how to get fit enough to stay the course, and how to deal with the losses and injuries that are always part of the game. They encouraged you, challenged you, and even yelled at you to do the best you could and live up to your potential. Most of all, they believed in you. Life coaching isn’t really all that different from your baseball coach back in junior high.
You may have all the skills you need to negotiate the stresses of your life and to reach your hidden potential. But it isn’t always easy to see them, and what life coaches do is to help you discover or rediscover the skills you need to cope and to succeed. Positive psychology coaching is a one on one effort to help you discover your own road to happiness, whatever it might be.

Positive psychology coaching can help you reach happiness by focusing on your goals and finding the skills and strategies to fulfill them. Along the way, you’ll have a pretty impressive demonstration of the power of the mind and of positive thinking.

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