Hearing aids are a great invention for those that have experienced deficits in their auditory system due to old age or injury. They function by utilizing an electrical signal generated by a microphone placed in front of the ear canal, extracting sound waves into electrical signals, and then repeating them through an amplifier worn on the trunk. You can visit the nearest ear doctor to have your hearing restored through these devices.

Acute hearing aids won’t interfere with your lifestyle or professional life. They’re ready to use, so you’ll be able to use them on your first day with little to no adjustment time required. You can look at acute hearing reviews online to determine their reliability.

Hearing aids are delicate and must be adequately cared for, including ensuring they have enough power. Adult hearing aids all use batteries to function. A hearing aid can go through two or three batteries every week if turned on all day.

Advanced level hearing aid batteries come in two types: the zinc-air battery and the zinc-mercury oxide battery. The zinc-air is more commonly known as a button battery, while the zinc-mercury oxide is called a cylindrical battery.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 15 percent of all American adults experience a hearing problem. It also notes that only one in three seniors that need hearing aids ever gets them. The biggest barrier to getting hearing aids is cost. Good hearing aids cost thousands of dollars.

The average cost for a hearing aid and the average cost of good hearing aids are two different things. Although hearing aids can be purchased online or from mail order catalogs for less than $1000 per pair, there is no way to know in advance if the hearing aids will work for you. People have hearing loss for different reasons. Not all hearing aids will address all of those reasons.

The only way to find out what kind of hearing loss you have is to visit ear specialists called audiologists. They help you figure out what kind of hearing aid is best for you. There are hearing aids worn in the ear, hearing aids that hang outside of the ear, and those that do both. There are hearing aids for people with tinnitus. Background noise cancelling hearing aids help for people who have trouble distinguishing speech from other sounds. Searching for the “best audiologist in my area” is the most economical way to help you hear what you’ve been missing.

Hearing aid care

Hearing loss is a reality for many people in the United States. For people over 60 years old, three in ten have hearing loss. For people aged 41 to 59 years old, one in six has some hearing loss and for people aged 20 to 40, at least 7.4% have some degree of hearing loss. While many people do not want to admit it, wearing a hearing aid can help. Finding the right batteries for hearing aids is often an annoying process. People are always looking to extend the life of the batteries they have.

Extend the Life of Your Batteries for hearing Aids:

  • Watch the temperature. Keep your batteries for hearing aids stored at room temperature. For years, people kept their batteries cold in their refrigerator. This has been the best place to keep them as it kept them fresh. Unfortunately, this is now the worst place to keep them. Today’s batteries use a zinc air technology that runs down when kept in a cold place.
  • Keep your batteries away from metal. Store batteries for hearing aids away from metal objects such as keys, coins and other items because the batteries can short circuit.
  • Keep the plastic on. When you get a new pack of batteries for hearing aids do not remove the plastic right away. Sometimes people get their batteries home and immediately pull all of the plastic tabs off of the batteries. This is really bad for zinc air batteries. These become activated the second they hit the air. So, when you pull off the plastic, you get that battery running down without actually charging anything. You will waste your batteries if you do this.
  • Wash your hands. Before you go to change your hearing aid’s battery, take care to wash your hands well. If you get any dirt, sweat or grease on the batteries for hearing aids, you risk doing serious damage to the device. This can also make it use more of the battery.
  • Give your battery a minute. After you pull the plastic off of the battery that you plan to put into your hearing aid, leave it out of the device for at least 60 seconds. The zinc air technology used in batteries for hearing aids needs about a minute to get the air it needs to start working. One minute is the time it will take to really power itself on and be ready to power your hearing aids.
  • Turn off your device. You should make a point of not leaving your hearing aid on when you are not using it. This will prevent you from using more power from the battery when you do not need it. If you do not plan to wear the device for a long time, take the battery out completely.
  • Air out the battery. The best thing you can do is to open the battery door, make sure the unit has been turned off and put it someplace you consider to be safe. This will do a lot to reduce the amount of drain experienced by the battery. It will also remove moisture from the unit and the battery. This does a lot to prevent corrosion, which can be very damaging to your hearing device. This is one of the most important hearing aid care tips.
  • Return batteries that do not work. Every now and again, you may find that one of the batteries in a pack of them does not work. This can either mean it does not work as well as you think it should or it does not work at all. Return it to the manufacturer and you can get a refund. Millions of batteries for hearing aids are made each year. Not every one of them is going to work as well. Companies know that and will either refund your money or give you coupons for new batteries.

Most people do not like having to use a hearing aid but they can have a profoundly good impact on the way people live. Not being able to hear dramatically reduces a person’s quality of life. Keeping your hearing aid batteries in good shape is an easy way to make your life better.

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