Aloe Vera is supposed to be highly beneficial and incredible plant.  This plant is from the lily family (Liliaceae) – the same family which is responsible for producing onions and garlic.  Aloe Vera offers plenty of internal and external benefits. This plant contains minerals, vitamins, enzymes, polysaccharide, fatty acids and amino acids. Herbalists hold the opinion that people have been using Aloe Vera for the past 500 years.

Here is the list of Top 12 Benefits of Aloe Vera:

1.  Aloe Vera Is High in Vitamins & Minerals:

This plant contains plenty of vitamins including B1, choline, C, E, 2, B3 (niacin), A, folic acid, B6. This is one of those few plants that also contain B-12.

This plant is also rich in minerals like selenium, sodium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, and potassium.

2.  Aloe Vera is high in Amino Acids & Fatty Acids:

Though there are 22 types of amino acids yet 8 of them are very necessary for our body.  Actually, amino acids are building blocks of the protein and there are 18 to 20 amino acids in the Aloe Vera. If you have a cholesterol problem, this plant is really good for your health. Yes, Aloe Vera reduces cholesterol level in our body and it contains bunch of fatty acids including caprylic, oleic, palmitic, inoleic, stearic, linolenic, and myristic.

3.  Aloe Vera is an Adaptogen:

Aloe Vera is grossly known as adaptogen. In simple words, it boosts up your body to resist against the illness. Herbalists hold the opinion that Aloe Vera is stimulating our defensive and adaptive mechanism of our body and supposed to be highly beneficial for reducing environmental and psychological stresses.

4.  Aloe Helps with Digestion:

Pathetic digestion is supposed to be root cause of all diseases.  Herbalists claim that proper functioning of digestive tract is necessary for good health.  No doubt, Aloe Vera is the best plant to combat against the prolonged constipation problems and considered to be very good for proper functioning of digestion system.

5.       Aloe Helps in Detoxification:

Aloe Vera is also absorbing toxins from the intestinal tract. It helps you to eliminate waste material from your colon. For detoxification of your body, Aloe Vera is highly recommended.

6.  Aloe Alkalizes the Body:

Aloe Vera is one of those plants which alkalizes body helping us to balance the over use of acidic foods.

7.  Cardiovascular Health:

According to a study of the British Medical Journal that Aloe Vera juice is the best liquid for reducing the chance of heart diseases.

8.  Aloe Helps Boost the Immune System:

Apart from stabilizing WBC, Aloe Vera is also improving our immune system to greater extent.  Actually, it has high level of anti-oxidants however it helps us to improve our immune system. Remember, this plant also helps you to prevent recurrence of fever.

9.  Aloe Vera is great for the Skin:

Most of the skin specialists recommend Aloe Vera for healing the properties of skin.  If you have got bug bites or your skin is burning, Aloe Vera is really good to heal the wound.

10.  Disinfectant, Anti-biotic, Anti-microbial, Germicidal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral:

The active ingredients of Aloe Vera are cinnamic acid, urea nitrogen, phenol, sulphur, lupeol, and salicylic acid. These ingredients help your body from multiple infection and bacterial invasion.  Remember, they are also used for treating viral and fungal infections.

11.    Aloe Helps Reduce Inflammation:

Aloe Vera also contains different substance including B-sisterole which helps your body to lower down inflammation. Remember, it is also improving your joint flexibility.

12.   Weight Loss – A Secondary effect

Apart from above cited benefits, Aloe Vera is also recommended for maintaining your body weight. Actually, this plant speeds up your digestion process which ultimately results in weight loss.

Aloe Vera Intake Precautions

Herbalists hold the opinion that excessive use of Aloe Vera is not good for our health. If you are using this plant for short-term benefits, it is really good for your health. Besides, do not take Aloe Vera during the time of menstruation and pregnancy.

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