Every 14 minutes, an American sits on and breaks their pair of sunglasses.

That means, every day—more and more people are missing out on having crystal clear vision whether they’re hiking, biking, or skiing.

If you’re finding unexplained scratches on your crystal clear lenses or are constantly buying replacement lenses for your sunglasses, it may be time to start following these tips. Not only will they help keep your crystal clear lenses crystal clear and clean, but they will also help you prevent scratches.

When another pair of glasses breaks—rendering them useless, your life comes to a halt. After all, you need them to protect your eyes.

So if you want to start taking better care of your lenses, and learn how to avoid the biggest potential issues among glasses wearers—continue reading.


Scratches are commonly caused by carelessness. Or forgetfulness.

It’s easy to want to throw your pair in your bag without giving it much thought.

But enough scratches and scrapes over time can render your new crystal clear lenses useless.

To prevent scratches altogether, follow these tips when storing them:

  • use both hands when removing your glasses. A firmer grip reduces the chance of you dropping them.
  • store them in their own case if you have to put them away.
  • If you don’t want to carry a case around, store them in a separate compartment in your bag. If you’re a student, try the side pockets or any other area that doesn’t contain wire bound notebooks or pens and pencils. If you’re an athlete, follow these similar instructions. Your equipment has the potential to cause deep scratches, so keep them away from your other options. However at the end of the day, a case is always the best option.
  • You can always get a scratch free coating added to your lenses as well if your glasses are prone to this.
  • If you’re wearing your sunglasses while doing activities requiring lots of movement, secure them with a strap to risk them flying off your face.

Keeping Your Crystal Lenses Clear of Dirt

Dirt and fingerprints can also hinder your vision, and cause eye strain.

To combat this, regularly clean your crystal lenses to keep them looking good as new.

Some tips on keeping your lenses spotless are:

  • Wash your hands first. Though they may not look or feel dirty, you want to avoid getting more smudges and fingerprints on your lenses.
  • Use mild soap and water.
  • Gently wash the lenses.
  • Gently scrub in a circular pattern.
  • Use a soft cloth to dry them right away. Letting them air dry can cause spots and create a hazy film that can hinder your vision.
  • Wash them thoroughly every other day.
  • Conclusion

    So whether you’re racing down a mountain, sporting a pair of polarized lenses while snowboarding, or cycling through town and need eye-protection from the sun— Oakley lenses provide optimum quality and value for those moments.

    Keep them clean and maintain them to keep them in tiptop shape to prolong their life.

    However, sometimes accidents happen and lenses can just get inevitably scuffed up if you’re using them every day.

    Luckily, replacement lenses exist for this reason. Though these tips can help prolong the life of your lenses, replacement lenses can give your crystal clear lenses a complete makeover.

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