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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, promoted by the American Cancer Society. Breast cancer affects both women and men worldwide, but is most common among African-American women. There are many ways to promote good breast health, and the best part is that there are many natural ways to do so that will also help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Plant-based diet

It’s not necessary that you become a vegetarian to reduce breast cancer risks, but many studies show that vegetarians do have lower breast cancer risks. Meat, especially red meat, has been linked to increased breast cancer in women, but it is unsure if this link is due to the chemical reactions taking place to the meat as it’s cooked, or due to a hormonal reaction within the woman’s body.

In addition to a plant-based diet, certain foods are suspected to reduce cancer risk. Tumeric, part of the ginger family, as well as foods rich in vitamin D are well known risk reducers. Both these things can be found in breast health supplements, which are said to contain the necessary ingredients to combat breast cancer.


Getting regular exercise reduces risk of breast cancer. Estrogen is produced in fat tissue. While it’s a naturally occurring hormone, in excess amounts, estrogen can be linked to breast cancer. By reducing excess fat, cancer cells have a lower likelihood of forming.


If you have a natural hormone imbalance, it’s possible that you may want to take hormone support supplements. As said previously, excess estrogen can allow cancer cells to grow and spread. If you have more estrogen in your body naturally, you may wish to balance out the levels or reduce them with supplements recommended by a doctor.

Supplements to boost metabolisms are also good ways of promoting metabolic health, allowing you to burn more fat when exercising. Digestive health supplements are also useful if you’ve altered your diet to reduce your risk, but you have been experiencing less frequent bowel movements. This can happen when altering your diet, but it’s possible to become regular again with digestive enzyme supplements.

If you’ve cut your red meat consumption you may become iron deficient, so dietary iron supplements are good to take if your doctor is concerned with your iron levels.

Of course, breast health supplements in general will help promote breast as well.

Before you consider adding supplements into your daily routine, consult a doctor and ask about your current risk for breast cancer.

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