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Are you one of those people who is reluctant to go to the doctor or call for medical help when faced will an ailment or illness? Although it’s true that you have a lot of control over your own personal health and well being, there are times when it pays to see a medical professional instead of wasting time search for haphazard diagnosis on the internet. At one point or another, everyone has avoided seeing local doctors for medical help even though they probably should have, but this can have dire long term consequences.

Whether it’s a primary care doctor’s office, an urgent care facility, or a walk in clinic, knowing when and where to seek the appropriate medical help is an important part of taking ownership over your personal health. Although naturopathic and homeopathic medicinal practices are extremely effective and can help you heal and recover from illness without having to seek professional medical help in some cases, other cases require professional medical attention.

Not sure when to see the doctor and when it’s best to just and sleep it off? Here are a few examples of illnesses and medical situations in which professional medical help is necessary.

Sudden numbness, tingling, loss of speech, or extreme pain

If you or someone you love suddenly loses their ability to speak, experiences numbness or tingling in their limbs, or is feeling an intolerable level of pain, then it’s important to call for emergency medical help immediately. These symptoms and others like it can indicate a heart attack, stroke, or another kind of medical emergency. In the event these symptoms are present, you don’t have time search for a diagnosis or remedy on the internet, as these symptoms are potentially life threatening and could be fatal.

Shortness of breath

Essential oils can go a long way in terms of opening up a person’s airways, relieving allergies, and alleviating stress, however they’re no replacement for medical emergency attention. A sudden shortness of breath, wheezing, or extreme difficulty breathing could indicate an asthma attack, heart attack, a collapsed lung, a damaged diaphragm, or another medical condition that requires immediate medical attention from a medical professional. Your body cannot survive without oxygen and damaging it could have devastating long term effects.

Allergic reaction

Allergic reactions can range in severity from mild to life threatening, with symptoms being as benign as redness to as fatal as the inability the breathe. Severe allergic reactions always require immediate medical attention and should never be ignored. Some food allergies for example can be potentially fatal, and failure to seek the appropriate immediate medical attention can lead to severe consequences, even death. If suspect you or someone you know is beginning to have a severe allergic reaction, then don’t waste time searching for a cure on the internet or concocting a home remedy you saw on social media! Administer an Epi pen if you or they have one and call for medical help right away.

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