Sports massage therapy

We all live busy lives, making the precious time we have to sit back and relax that much more valuable. A massage therapy specialist offers numerous benefits for busy people through therapeutic massage. So widespread are the benefits of deep tissue massage therapy that we have compiled a list of the top three benefits a therapeutic massages can offer.

Relaxation and Flexibility
The most universally appreciated benefit of a good massage is the relaxation felt after having your muscles tended to. Nearly 23% of massage-goers had a massage exclusively for relaxation or stress relief. Nearly 15% of all American adults receive at least one massage per year, with a majority scheduling regular massage sessions. Additional services like spas, facials, and manicures may also be provided depending on the massage therapy specialist in question.

Pain Relief
Chronic back, neck, and joint pain plagues many Americans over the age of 40. Continued massage use has seen a decrease in the 54% of American adults who went for a medical massage for pain management, soreness, stiffness, injury rehab, or overall wellness. The benefits of a good massage are both physical, and mental with many who received massages claiming that they felt more alert or active afterwards.

Recognized Medical Benefits
Last year, over 54 million Americans discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers. Chiropractic offices recommend massage therapy for their patients more than any other medical professional with 13% of patients receiving weekly referrals and 24% receiving massages several times per month. A new study from the International Journal of Preventative Medicine found that massage therapy can help to control the blood pressure of pre-hypertensive women with immediate results that lasted up to 72 hours following the massage. Many massage sessions can last from 15 to 90 minutes depending on the type of massage needed. If you think that you too can benefit from visiting a massage therapy specialist, call your medical provider and talk to them about a plan that suits your needs.

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