To help define the purpose of infusion pumps it is important to recognize the need to regulate the amount of fluids traveling through an IV. With only two methods of doing so, either manually or mechanically, the infusion pump is the most efficient.

What Is the Infusion Pump

Most commonly used with an IV, where fluids or medication need to be provided intravenously to a hospital patient, the infusion pump is an automatic benefit. The other option of keeping those drugs at a steady level in the body would be manual injections, and there are not always enough patient care assistants available to do so. Therefore, those machines seen next to a patient’s bed that have a bag attached to the IV in hand can provide those drugs or other fluids regularly.

Types of Infusion Pumps

Different types of medical pumps are available to supply medication and other medical support without the need for constant medical professionals at the bedside. These may be smart pumps, IV pumps, IV infusion pumps, syringe pumps, syringe infusion pumps, and more. Also, there are many infusion pump brands that are available for the benefits of different patient needs.

Brands of Infusion Pumps

While the purpose of infusion pumps is basic in need to maintain a steady level of fluids provided intravenously to a patient, different brands may have various benefits based on the medical need. Some common brands of infusion pumps include the following:

  • Alaris infusion pumps
  • B Braun infusion pumps
  • Baxter infusion pumps
  • Sigma Spectrum pumps

While any of these brands, or their different types of pumps and systems, may have specific training, there is a benefit to all of these included in hospital equipment. All patients need care that can be improved at any point, and there is never a guarantee that enough nurses or other medical assistants will be available at every minute to manually provide syringe or IV fluids. This can be anything from medication to saline or even blood. Depending on the severity of medical need there are many systems that fulfill some needs. The purpose of infusion pumps can be any number of issues, but it can be able to provide a great amount of help in the long run.

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