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When looking for a job, there are many things to consider. Is the job in a field you like? Is it a place where there is a lot of upward mobility? These questions are important, but a lot can be said about a company when looking at what type of employee benefits they offer their employees. Take a look at these three common benefits options and see what it means for you and the company.

  • Paid Time Off
    If you?re working full-time (about 40 hours a week), a good employee benefits package will include paid time off. A standard amount of paid time off is about 2 weeks a year. Some employers will separate sick time off from vacation time off, but many lump all paid time off into one “bucket”.
    If you are working full time hours and you are not offered paid time off, you are not receiving a good benefits package. About 59% of small businesses offer this benefit, so it is not a guarantee if you?re working at a smaller employer. It?s a good indicator of if your company cares about the well-being of their employees. A good employer understands that a full-time job can be tiring, and vacation or sick time is a basic benefit to alleviate some of your inevitable stress.
  • Low to No Cost for Insurance
    A good employee benefits package will have some sort of coverage regarding insurance. Some offer group health insurance plans that are sponsored by the company. Depending on the employer, many group health plans may be partially or completely covered. This is one of the most desirable benefits, especially if the plan is completely employer sponsored and is of no cost to the employee. Small business health insurance options are less likely to come by because a smaller business may not be able to afford a comprehensive package, but there are options that employees can take and benefit from. An employer sponsored plan shows the employer is willing to spend some extra money to ensure the health and protection of their staff.
  • Retirement Plans
    If you?re at a company that you plan to grow with, a retirement plan is an employee benefit you can?t miss. Employers who care about the growth and development of their employees will offer a retirement plan to keep talented people around for a long time. A retirement plan will cost the business money, so by offering a retirement plan, you know that the employer is willing to invest in the future of their employees.
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