If you are looking for rapid weight loss options you may want to consider medical weight loss solutions. Stomach shots are one such solution that, with diet and exercise, can help you shed unwanted body weight in a safe and healthy manner.


One of the injections to lose belly fat utilizes HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone naturally produced within pregnant women. What this does is trigger the hypothalamus, which controls and regulates metabolism, into using stored fat. When a woman is pregnant this system is utilized to begin nutrient transfer to the placenta, in order to feed the growing fetus; however, when the process is triggered outside of pregnancy the body begins burning fat as nutrients instead. These stomach shots, combined with a low calorie diet can help you lose weight quicker than with just exercise and diet change. If shots aren’t for you, HCG also comes in oral supplement form, so you don’t have to worry about needles with this if you’re squeamish.

Lipotropic Injections

Another medical weight loss program feature is lipotropic stomach shots. These injections are used to dissolve fat deposits in the body that have been resistant to other methods of weight loss.

Lipotropic compounds are important to the healthy function of your liver, as they help to reduce fat within the organ. If lipotropics didn’t exist in the liver the bile and fat could rise, which is what leads to cirrhosis and other potentially fatal diseases. 3 separate compounds that fall into the category of lipotropic including:

  • Choline
  • Inositol
  • Methionine

All of these help you to lose weight effectively.

How Do Lipotropic Stomach Shots Work?

Not to devote more time to these shots than HCG, but these injections take a bit more explaining to understand.

Lipotropic injections encourage the release of body fat, even in hard to lose areas. Once the fat is freed from the cells, the compounds help facilitate the change into expendable energy. Lipotropics increase lecithin production in your liver, which aids in the breakdown of the released fat into fatty acids which are used up almost immediately.

While it may sound like there should be inconvenient side effects with this treatment, most people experience little to no negative reaction. The side effects that have been reported include lethargy, nausea, and soreness at the site of injection. Even these tend to dissipate quickly, and are not serious.


If you have been having difficulty losing weight the traditional way, you aren’t alone. The use of stomach shots in medical weightloss is rising, and the results have been impressive. HCG or Lipotropic injections may be right for you, and your weight loss professional may even recommend one over the other for your unique case. It’s time to stop living with a body you don’t feel good about, take charge of your waistline and see if these stomach shots could be for you.

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