This has been a summer that has had your family members moving from one set of common illnesses to another. In fact, it has been a struggle to make sure that you are able to follow through with the weekend reunions and the family vacations. And while summer should be a time of healthy sunshine and fresh air, you feel as if you have spent most of your time indoors trying to make sure that everyone else in your family is feeling their best.

Seasonal illnesses are a problem in many parts of the country, and they can cause you to miss out on some of the best summer activities. Days at the lake and family reunions are no fun if you are dealing with a sumer cold or stomach flu. In fact, even common illnesses can railroad your plans to spend time time with family and friends. Even minor injuries, for instance, can keep your children from being able to go to the pool with your friends and hiking with family members at the annual reunion.

Family Health Requires Attention to the Basics

One of the problems that families face when the summer months arrive is that they often drop their normal routines. Kids stay up later, meals are eaten on the run, and kids find themselves running from one activity to another without even getting the proper hydration that they need. Without the regular schedule that school provides, in fact, some families fall into a chaotic schedule that creates unhealthy habits.

Fortunately, there are a number of walk in health clinics that can help families deal with common illnesses and injuries that might otherwise keep them from missing out on summer time fun. Did you know, for instance, that there are as many as 3 million patients who visit urgent care centers each week? This statistic from the Urgent Care Association of America is just one indicator of how the health care platform in America is changing.

In today’s challenging times of dealing with rising health care costs it is discouraging to know that a private study conducted by Milliman indicated that as many as 44% to 65% of all emergency room episodes could have been treated in more affordable and convenient urgent care settings.

What are you doing this summer to help your family stay healthy? With proper diet, exercise, and rest you can help your family make the most of this, and many future summers!

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