If you’re looking to get fast and efficient medical care, consider an urgent care clinic such as urgent care Shoreline. After all, the average waiting time to be seeing in any given urgent care center (in more than 90% of them, as a matter of fact, so including urgent care Shoreline) will be only just a mere half of an hour. And in 60% of all urgent care locations, this period of time spent waiting will be, on average, only just 15 minutes in overall length. It is not uncommon for someone to go in, be seen, and be sent on their way all within the span of just one hour, a relatively small sliver of time indeed.

In addition to this, there are many other benefits to getting medical help from urgent care Shoreline or any other urgent care center found throughout the country. After all, there are now more than 20,000 doctors employed at such walk in clinics, meaning that the standard of care is likely to be quite a bit higher than many people realize. From injuries to illnesses to measures of preventative care and testing, urgent care centers like urgent care Shoreline really do have it all.

Consider, for instance, injuries, ranging from sports injuries to simple injuries that occur around the home. While you might think that you need to go to your nearest emergency room for some of these injuries, that is actually not the case, as the average urgent care center can handle even some of the more severe injuries that they are presented with. For instance, more than three quarters of all urgent care locations actually boast the capabilities to not only diagnose fractures, but to treat them as well. Ankle sprains, so common that up to 25,000 of them occur in a single day in this country alone (with the vast majority caused by a simple inward rolling of the ankle), are also commonly treated in urgent care locations such as urgent care Shoreline, though ankle sprains themselves can be deceptively severe.

And other treatments can also be obtained for various injuries, including measures of wound repair (the most common treatment performed in any given urgent care) such as stitches or bandaging. Of course, walk in health clinics like urgent care Shoreline treat more than just injury cases. In addition to injuries, illnesses are also commonly seen, especially during flu and cold season. For instance, respiratory illnesses and infections are seen more frequently than anything else, but so too will colds, viruses, and the flu be seen at just about any given walk in health clinic, including urgent care Shoreline.

And we cannot forget the preventative measures that also make up urgent care services in the majority of locations, including urgent care Shoreline. STD testing, for example, is common at any given urgent care clinic. Knowing your STD status is an important part of your sexual health, as it will influence many of the health decisions that you make going forward. Finding out that you have an STD can be difficult, to say the very least, but learning about an STD early on can help you to treat it more effectively – or at least learn the ways in which you can manage it. It can also help you to keep your sexual partners safe, something that should be critical in any kind of relationship, sexual or otherwise.

Various other forms of testing can also be conducted at the typical urgent care clinic. From TB testing to DOT testing, much of this testing is required for those who have recently taken on a new job, and so it is critical that such testing be readily available. For many people, the fastest way to get such forms of testing done is certainly to go to their nearest urgent care center, such as urgent care Shoreline. This will allow them quick access to the results that they need – and in an at least relatively cost effective manner, for that matter.

At the end of the day, the role of the urgent care clinic is most certainly an important one, not to be negated at all.

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