Headaches can be more harmful than you might think. One study found that people with migraines were three times more likely to suffer from depression when compared to those with no headaches. Many energy and healing techniques are available that require no expensive doctor?s visit. Recent research shows that about 50 percent of those with migraines never seek treatment for this sometimes chronic condition. Simple energy and healing techniques can sometimes be achieved within the home. In this post, you will learn three simple and natural remedies for a migraine.

  • A Simple Saltwater Solution: One common way to stop a migraine is very simple. First, you will need to ensure that you have table salt and water. You will want to have a cup of water near you before starting this technique. When you are ready, you simply pour about a teaspoon of salt into your hand and lick it off. Next, have the water ready to drink, in order to wash down the salt. This mixture is a known combination made to provide quick migraine relief.
  • Fish Oil Supplementation: You can find fish oil in both liquid and capsule forms. If you do naturally have a taste for seafood, the capsules are a wise option. This ingredient is beneficial for your heart as well as your muscles. Weightlifters often use fish oil to help them reduce post workout soreness. Fish oil reduces muscle inflammation by allowing blood to flow freely.
  • Eat Almonds: You?ve often heard consuming nuts is a great way to stay healthy. As it turns out, this food can also help keep a headache at bay. Nuts produce an ingredient known as salicin which is a type of natural pain reliever. Almonds are a great food to keep handy for quite a few reasons. In addition to relieving migraines, nuts are loaded with protein.
  • A Little Cayenne Goes a Long Way: This method isn’t for everyone. However, if you can stand a little heat than you might find this method useful. Cayenne is an ingredient known for its heat. If you are the least bit sensitive to heat, you probably don’t want to try this method. Using cayenne to fight headaches involve getting a small pinch of this ingredient and mixing it with four ounces of water. Next, you will take a cotton swab in this solution and very lightly smell the solution. The heat is made to provide quick relief from a migraine.
  • Mix Together a Solution Involving Apple Cider Vinegar: In order to cure a headache using this method you will need apple cider vinegar and water. First, you will want to boil about three cups of water. Next, you will need to pour half of a cup of apple cider vinegar in a large bowl. Finally, you will carefully pour the boiling water into the apple cider vinegar. This mixture is to be breathed in and works well for reducing the pain from migraines.
  • Take a Nap: This method might sound strange but it can sometimes be great for getting over a migraine. There are natural ways to get more sleep at night. One great supplement to consider providing a sleepy feeling is melatonin. However, drinking certain teas are known for their ability to put someone in a more restful state. You body receives energy and healing from rest.
  • In summary, there are several ways to stop a painful migraine naturally. Mixing salt and water together sends natural electrolytes to your head, reducing pain. Taking fish oil is often used to help stop muscle inflammation. This supplement has been shown to also stop restrictive blood flow that is a major headache contributor. Having almonds nearby keeps hunger away and has been shown to reduce the painful symptoms of a migraine. Following these tips will keep your energy and healing levels in an optimal state.

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