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“No more pencils, no more books — and no more healthy eating and lifestyle habits, either,” Yahoo News warns. Do parents truly need to worry? The answer is yes… up to a point. Once school is out, many parents tend to relax the rules when it comes to healthy eating and safe, active play. Here are a few quick tips to keep children on track:

The Many Perks Of Recess, And What To Do In Their Stead

Many parents don’t realize how easy they have it while their kids are in school. Recess time pretty much ensures children will spend at least some time running around, playing outdoors, and/or taking part in sports. Moreover, it also guarantees that they will do these things with at least some adult supervision. Failing that, kids tend to spend a lot more time glued to the TV, tablet, or smartphone. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, kids spend a minimum of 20 minutes more on devices — and that can instill bad habits that may ultimately lead to inactivity and weight gain.

If you do manage to get them outside, most parents will allow children to play in yard — maybe checking up on them from time to time, if at all. This, too, can present problems. Without supervision, children are much more likely to take risks — like jumping off the slide or (in the case of young children) putting things in their mouths that they shouldn’t, like dirt or sand. Ingesting dirt can ultimately lead to sickness, and daring stunts during unsupervised play may result in sprains, fractures, or broken bones. While 80% of urgent care centers and urgent care facilities offer fracture treatment, 50% are actively owned by a physician or group of qualified physicians, and just about all provide pediatric urgent care, it is best to skip the emergency trip and drawn-out healing process if at all possible.

Healthy, Summer-Time Snacks And Meals

Children also tend to eat more ice cream, sugary snacks, and fast — but less nutritious — meals during the summer months. Keep tabs on everything your child eats, reserving ice cream, milkshakes, and sundaes for the occasional treat, and plan healthy lunches and dinners ahead of time.

Kids’ health tends to suffer during the summer, but parents can easily reverse that trend. Skip pediatric urgent care and keep kids healthy by encouraging active, supervised play and preparing nutritious meals and snacks. Continue reading here.

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