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Many people begin to experience mental health issues when they are children and adolescents. Recent data shows that this is the case with 70% of individuals that currently suffer with mental health problems. In many cases, particularly when left untreated, these individuals may also develop alcohol and substance abuse issues.

It has been found that individuals with mental illness are twice as likely to have issues with substance abuse. Data shows that at least 20% of these individuals have a co-occurring substance abuse problem. Individuals with substance use issues are up to 3 times more likely to also have a mental illness. This is found to be the case with over 15% this population.

Even though women have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders, men tend to be more prone to addiction than women. When women do become addicted to drugs, however, they are 54% more likely to die prematurely. In Canada, for example, 47,000 men and women die every year due to issues related to substance abuse. Costs to the Canadian health care system as a result of these issues are approximately $8 billion.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health conducted a study on alcohol consumption. The results showed that Canadians consume more alcohol than 50% of the world’s average. Furthermore, alcohol abuse is considered to be the third leading cause of injuries and disease throughout the world.

In order to appropriately address these issues individually and in the case of dual diagnoses, private drug rehab centres are the more effective option. In addition to offering a wide array of therapeutic interventions and support services, private drug rehab centres are also known to provide individualized follow-up services after clients are released.

Another benefit is that once an individual chooses to undergo detox or other forms of treatment, they do not need to wait for a placement. Since this is a crucial time period, any delays may be counterproductive. There are, of course, other advantages of private rehab. These include being able to choose a specific inpatient rehab program and location.

Given the prevalence of mental health and substance abuse issues, private rehab centres are better equipped than state rehab centres to address the needs of individuals with a dual diagnosis. This is significant on multiple levels, primarily because the clients at these centres are more likely to receive the level of care and treatment that will make a difference in their mental and physical health.

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