Do you have a primary care doctor? If you are like many American adults, you do not. It is easy to avoid going to the doctor for routine check ups, if you are healthy, why do you need to see the doctor, right? Wrong. The best way to stay heathy is by going in for annual check ups. Doctors do not go into this specialty because of the family doctor salary, they do it because of good they can do.

Your primary care doctor knows you. When you have regular check ups with a primary care doctor, they get to know you. This is especially important if you suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure but is also important if you do not. Many people get their health care needs taken care of at the hospital but the physicians and other medical professionals at the hospital are specialists in emergency medicine. Your doctor at the family practice center gets to know you and has insight into what your baselines are. This is important when you do have emergencies.

Family practice doctors can treat a lot more conditions than you may think. Your family practice physician is trained in a lot of areas. Many Americans suffer from chronic conditions. You probably know that obesity is on the rise. Nearly two thirds of all American adults can be classified as being overweight of obese. This can lead to a host of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The best place to get treatment for these problems is the place to go for treatment for these conditions. These physicians earn the family doctor salary by also being able to perform a number of minor procedures.

Your family doctor is the quarterback of your health team. Many people need to see specialists at some point. If you find yourself in the position of needing one (or more than one), your primary care doctor can coordinate your care and serve as the main point of contact for all of your specialists. This can help make sure your care is streamlined and that none of your medications will have unwanted side effects or interactions. hey can also make sure all of your medical tests and procedures and results are kept up to date and in order. This is how they earn their family doctor salary.

Your family doctor is a great resource for information. When you first start having a problem that you need to see a specialist for, your first stop should be an appointment with your primary care doctor. They can do more than offer you a referral for your insurance company, they can help you find the right specialist for you and your situation. Because they know you, they know what kind of treatment you respond best to. For instance, some doctors practice fraternal vs. paternal medical care. For these patients, they want to be more involved in making the decisions about their medical treatment. Some people prefer to just be told what to do in this area. Your doctor knows what you prefer and knows other physicians who offer that kind of medical care

Your family doctor can spot small problems before they get to be big. This is important if you have a chronic condition but also if you do not. When you see a doctor for check ups, they can assess your overall health and will know if your blood pressure is starting to creep up or if you are at risk of developing diabetes. They can start you on home treatments early to prevent any conditions from developing. That means you can stay healthy longer.

Many American adults think they can skip their yearly physical because they are healthy but it is actuality a time saver to go once a year rather than let a small problem go untreated and turn in to something serious. Nearly one quarter of all Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain, which goes untreated, that is suffering that could be taken care of. Your physical gets their family doctor salary either way but you will be healthier if you see them regularly. For more about this, go here.

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