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It’s the morning after your wild night out and your normal hangover cures of Gatorade and carbs aren’t doing the usual trick. What if there was something you could do to start feeling like yourself again and continue your day in as little as 30 minutes? Luckily, this is possible with hydration IV.

One of the most popular and fast growing lifestyle medicine practices, hydration IV can give you the boost you need to cure that pesty hangover. The treatment is often offered as part of personalized concierge medicine practices or in hydration centers themselves. These centers are often times referred to as hangover clinics where medical professionals hook you up to an IV filled with fluids and medication. In the time it takes you finish an episode of your favorite show, you will be ready to move on with your day.

In major cities all over the United States, hydration therapy centers are being sought after to cure even the most stubborn of hangovers. Once you get the fluids into your system, your body begins to feel better and you get the boost of energy you’ve been looking for. These centers focus on hydrating the body as soon as possible to get your back to your normal self.

Though this type of treatment has been in practice for some time by emergency rooms and hospitals, it has recently become a trend in outpatient facilities and concierge medicine as well. Doctors customize treatment depending on the individual and using their current symptoms as a guide. A thorough check of a patient’s medical history is taken into account as well as their vital signs before treatment.

Typically, the hangover treatment medical professional in lifestyle medicine services use consists of fluids and vitamins, such as B complex. This is used to help increase energy. Other medicines, like Zofran, to relieve nausea, Pepcid to treat heartburn, and Toradol is used for head and body aches. After about a half hour, the patient is back to normal. While receiving treatment, patients are monitored for progress.

The next time you feel yourself having a slow start after a wild night out, consider hydration IV to help boost your energy and help you to continue you day as intended. No matter what your plans for the day may be, once you are hydrated, you can take on just about anything.

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