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It is not news that pharmaceuticals are big business. Statistics show that in one recent year the US alone spent well over 260 billion dollars on pharmacy and drugstore purchases. Pharmaceutical packaging companies play a big role in this business.

Getting medications safely into the hands of the patients is the primary goal. There are several ways to do this.

Capsule and Tablet Medications

Blister card packaging is one commonly used method for capsule and tablet medications.

High speed blister packaging allows for quick, yet efficient, packaging of medications. Carded blister packaging also provides thicker, more durable packaging.

Blister package design can also include child safety features, as well as the addition of lot number and expiration date printing. Good features to have for quality control purposes.

Another method that is frequently used is bottle packaging. Bottle packaging designs will frequently include liners and seals. This allows the product to stay untouched by outside substances, which will reassure the patient their medication has not been tampered with.

Injectable Medications

What about injectable medications, what options are available for them?

In the past it was common for pharmaceutical companies to require that injectable products include customized packaging with auto injector pens and sterilized bottles. However the question is, could there be a better way?

Pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging has proven to offer many benefits to both the patient and the pharmaceutical packaging companies.

Pharmaceutical companies are able to benefit from pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging, as this minimizes drug waste, as well as increasing the product’s life span.

Patients will also benefit from pre filled syringes, as it enables them to self-administer their medication within the comfort of their home, rather than making a trip to the hospital each time.

Another clear benefit of pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging is that the patient will get the right dosage each and every time an injection is needed.

When it come to administering medication sterilization is vital. Pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging will insure that the injector remains sterilized until the time of usage.

In summation the type of packaging chosen may vary, but it is clearly preferable that the packaging will benefit both the patient and the pharmaceutical company, and that it will insure the safety of the patient.

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