The percentage of teenagers with orthodontic problems is well over 50%. Many teenagers would rather use alternatives to traditional metal braces, such as Invisalign and Spark Clear Aligners since they are more aesthetically pleasing. This video looks at Invisalign vs Spark Aligners for teenagers.

Spark Aligners are nearly undetectable, in contrast to the clear Invisalign aligners.

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Spark employs TruGen™ material, which produces aligners that are longer lasting, offer more comfort, and are more stain resistant. Invisalign uses a plastic material, SmartTrack, protected by a patent and developed specifically for facilitating the smooth and rapid movement of teeth.

Spark Aligners are likely to be more comfortable to wear than Invisalign because of their reduced thickness. In addition, they have improved contact with your teeth, resulting in enhanced continuous force holding. The cost of either treatment can vary significantly based on the requirements of a patient. Nonetheless, most patients anticipate spending a couple of thousands of dollars on either procedure.

You can get Invisalign from a wide variety of dental and orthodontic offices. However, because the Spark Aligner system necessitates a higher level of training, orthodontists are the only professionals qualified to provide it.

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