It is very important that children get a lot of exercise, and getting good exercise can help them build up muscle, burn body fat, and even enhance their brains. Kids can play outdoors, such as at a park or in their own backyards, with adult supervision. But sometimes, a park might be far away, or the weather is poor. And in other cases, the parents are going out and they can’t find a babysitter. So, indoor playgrounds are a solution. Many establishments have indoor soft play equipment and kids indoor play structures for youngsters while the parents are occupied elsewhere. A commercial indoor jungle gym may be found in an annex at a church or synagogue, or even a shopping mall or fast food restaurant. In particular, indoor soft play equipment may be the best option for toddlers who might get hurt on equipment made of metal and wood. Such indoor soft play equipment can be fairly small, too, making it practical to install almost anywhere.

Kids and Exercise

The human body is designed to exercise and move, and that can be anything from lifting weights to jogging or swimming to simple walking or stationary bicycle use. The same is true for children, who may need a lot of play time each day. The benefits, as mentioned above, include building up muscle, burning fat, good heart health, and more. And for kids, it’s fun, too, and can keep them occupied for a while. Conversely, a person’s health suffers from a lack of exercise, such as increased risk of obesity or heart disease, poor coordination, and even issues with sleep and mood. And for children, studies show that not getting proper exercise actually hampers mental growth.

Trends show that not all American children are getting enough exercise, as they are often spending a lot of time on computers and handheld electronics. Many parents have voiced a concern that their kids are not exercising enough. Fortunately, it is never too late to get your child moving. A child can be enrolled in all sorts of sports or fitness programs, such as a karate class, soccer or basketball teams and lessons, tennis, or bicycle riding or swimming classes. And that’s just outdoor play. If the weather is poor, for example, kids can play indoors. And this is where indoor soft play equipment and indoor jungle gyms can help.

Installing the Hardware

What is there to know about indoor play gear for kids? Most often, these play areas are built permanently into place, so that they are steady and secure while kids run, climb, and jump on them. These structures can be made from a combination of wood, metal, plastic timbers, and more, depending on the design and intended aesthetics. For smaller children, indoor soft play equipment may be the best idea, as these structures are short and have soft, sloped surfaces to prevent toddlers from getting hurt. A tall, metal slide or monkey bars might be hazardous for a two-year-old, but not a padded slope and ball pit.

Where are these structures found? Some fast food chains are known for having a play area, a large annex with the equipment inside. This area includes not just ball pits and slides and the like, but also tables and chairs where the parents may sit and monitor everything. Meanwhile, some houses of worship double as day care centers, which may include both indoor and outdoor play areas. A church or synagogue’s staff may hire crews to install, update, or repair indoor play gear for any children they are entrusted with.

A fitness center is a great place for children’s play gear. For the most part, fitness centers are designed for adult and adolescent patrons, but kids don’t have to be left out. Many fitness centers have side rooms that include play gear ranging from a small jungle gym or slide to kid-friendly sports balls, and possibly a kid-sized basketball hoop. This way, a parent can visit a fitness center for their own exercise while their young child plays with the other kids in a side room to keep them occupied.

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