Staying healthy is an ongoing action. It’s not just brushing your teeth twice a day or drinking plenty of water during a particularly hot day. It’s a series of ongoing actions that build up over time.

When your health takes a turn for the worse? You also need flexibility. Convenient health care should provide you with high-quality resources, low wait times, and plenty of variety to ensure not a single symptom flies under the radar. Your local urgent care location can provide you all that and then some, fast becoming one of the most relied upon health resources in America today. Which medical treatments can you expect to encounter when visiting a multicare clinic?

Here’s what you should know.

Urgent Care Centers Boast Short Wait Times

Here’s one element that might boost your confidence in multicare urgent care as a model. When you walk through the front doors with a fractured arm or a high fever you might be concerned about your condition. Will it get worse the longer you wait? According to recent studies the majority of urgent care centers offer a wait time of just 30 minutes on average. Combined with flexible scheduling — with at least 85% of centers being open seven days a week — and you have a convenient healthcare resource that will see you in and out in a flash.

You Won’t Have To Search Hard To Find A Clinic

Not only do you have short wait times and flexible scheduling to look forward to, but urgent care clinics are plentiful. A recent survey found there are over 20,000 physicians who practice urgent care medicine today. As many as three million patients will visit urgent care centers each week, according to data provided by the Urgent Care Association Of America. Convenient medical care should always be nearby so you’re not left stressing out and making an already bad situation worse. Which conditions do urgent care locations treat?

A Wide Variety Of Illnesses Will Be Treated

Your urgent care location is a one-stop shop for minor and moderate illnesses. According to recent data the most common diagnosis brought to the urgent care center is the upper respiratory condition, which includes general breathing difficulties, asthma, and bronchitis. Americans will collectively come down with one billion colds every year, with between 5% and 20% succumbing to the flu, to boot. When you’re facing a high fever and stomach pain, an urgent care doctor can provide you with the relief you need. Injuries also have their own specialized field.

Minor And Moderate Injuries Will Be Treated

From a deep cut that might need stitches to a burn that could risk infection, an urgent care location can make sure you don’t get any worse. Four out of five urgent care centers today provide not just stitches and general wound repair, but on-the-spot fracture care. It’s estimated 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain every day, that of which urgent care locations treat the most. While you might consider the emergency room when you’re scared and in pain, the urgent care model is widely considered to be more affordable. How so?

Save Money And Time With An Urgent Care Location

You’re feeling too ill to wait and see your regular doctor. You have a painful injury that could get worse the longer it’s not treated. Perhaps you still don’t have an insurance plan and desperately need to know which options are at your disposal. When you visit an urgent care center you can be rest assured you’ll receive treatment, preventative care measures, and useful deferrals to help save you money. The difference between an urgent care bill and an emergency room bill can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Stay healthy in 2019. Let urgent care centers provide you with minor fracture treatment, flu shots, and pain relief.

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