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Many people in the United States suffer from different mental, physical, emotional and psychological diseases. Whether it is an internal issue that someone suffers from or an external issue they have to cope with, no disease is easy to handle on a daily basis or to learn to cope with for the rest of your life. There are plenty of coping mechanisms that people can develop for lifelong struggles with diseases like addiction to alcohol, insomnia, low levels of testosterone, heroin use, depression, and weight loss issues. From different treatments to having an emotional support animal, hope should never be lost when struggling with a long-term disease.

When you suffer from any type of disease, you may not be aware of how large the issue actually is. You may be in denial, you may not realize you are struggling or you may not be sure how to start developing coping mechanisms. Keep reading to learn about four different diseases people in the United States cope with and how they use everything from urgent care to an emotional support animal to get through each day.

1. Low testosterone levels

Each and every day, men are diagnosed with low levels of testosterone. From an outsider?s perspective, this may not seem like a big deal. In reality, it can truly affect men and their ability to cope every day. While 13 million American men could suffer from low testosterone every day, around 90 percent never receive treatment for their low testosterone levels.

Low testosterone levels can result in low energy for men. It is difficult to find the right amount of energy to get up and moving and complete your daily tasks. That is why finding a treatment plan or coping mechanisms that work for you is important.

2. Alcoholism

If you are in need of alcoholism treatment
, you are not alone. Currently, in the United States, alcohol ranks as the number one drug problem. Although many people do not associate alcoholism with a drug issue, it is. It is important not to deny this fact as it allows people to continue in their denial of their drinking problem. This could explain why out of all the adults in the United States, 53 percent report that they know someone who has a drinking problem. With such high statistics like this, it is most important than ever that people seek treatment and coping mechanisms to help cut down on alcohol abuse in the United States.

3. Depression

Depression is another disease that riddles the United States. It is one of the diseases that can come and go throughout your entire life, or you can struggle with it during a certain period or a certain time in your life. Due to this, often times it goes untreated, unnoticed and undiagnosed. Statistics show that on average, 80 percent of people who struggle with depression are untreated. They simply never receive professional help for one reason or another. If they did, the assistance of a family doctor or an emotional support animal could provide them with the treatment plan and coping mechanisms necessary to handle their depression on a daily basis.

4. Drug abuse

Separate from alcoholism, there are a variety of other drugs that many people get addicted to from marijuana to heroin. Along with being addicted to the actual drug, there are a variety of other factors that impact an individual?s life. With heroin, for instance, withdrawal brings them back to the drug time and time again. After only six hours, the withdrawal symptoms begin because heroin is a shorter-acting drug. For this reason, people with a heroin addiction need to understand how to handle withdrawal sooner. Otherwise, breaking the addiction can be more of a struggle due to the faster pace of the cycle.

Have you or someone you know ever dealt with a lifelong disease like depression, anxiety, alcoholism, or drug abuse? Did you or your loved one get any type of treatment or an emotional support animal to cope on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments about your experience.

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