Eden Labs’ video, “Improving Sleep with Rare Cannabinoids (CBN),” presents a portion of a series by AC Braddock, CEO of Eden Labs. She opens by telling viewers that she would make cannabinol (CBN) if she produced cannabis products. Since the video was posted in May 2020, some of her points relate to the Covid pandemic.

Braddock argues that people are stressed and have trouble sleeping, both of which can negatively affect their immune systems. She continues by saying CBN is a strong sedative and is mildly psychoactive, making it practical for pain management.

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It is also an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic. It also helps regulate the immune system and assists in bone healing and growth. Critically, Braddock sees CBN for sleep as a highly effective solution.

From the standpoint of cannabis product producers, Braddock advocates considering CBN for sleep in the product lineup, not just THC and CBD, which she deems single-lane products. Understanding the cannabis plant and recognizing the opportunity presented by CBN is a more sustainable and effective product to build a strategy and company around it.

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