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While modern-day technology assists us in a variety of ways, from the airplanes that help us travel across the world to the phones that connect us to family and friends, it can also have long-term physical side-effects. Many studies have found that a regular source of routine ailments, such as headaches and irritation, can be traced to electromagnetic fields. Children and pregnant women, particularly those with mental illness and unique physical needs, are especially sensitive to the effects of radio waves and electricity. Read below as I detail microwave shielding, the effects of radiation and how to protect you and your children by reducing these negative elements in your life.

What Is EMF?

EMF stands for ‘electromagnetic fields’ and refers to the completely invisible electric waves that emit from the earth as well as multiple commonly used electronic devices, such as cellphones and hair dryers. Although you can’t see it, it’s often omnipresent due to the amount of technology we rely on day-to-day.

Most Common Sources Of EMF

We take a lot of everyday locations for granted when going to work or school. Cell towers in populous communities, particularly around churches or day-care centers, expose children to RF exposures at a rate of over 1,000 times higher than 25 years ago. While over six billion people around the world use cell phones, most are unaware of EMF safety. Cell phones still radiate electromagnetic fields even when they’re not being used.

Side-Effects Of EMF

A recent study in 2010 found children under the ages of 17 showing common short-term side-effects to EMF exposure, including but not limited to headaches and concentration difficulties in school. A national study centering on adults over the age of 80, as well, showed similar issues such as sleep problems, a reduced ability to concentrate and headaches. All of this modern research and more has prompted changes in local construction and continued pushing for city-wide policy to protect people from the effects of radio waves.

How To Prevent EMF

While there are misconceptions about how to reduce EMF, such as holding your phone away from your face, many scientists have found better ways of creating EMF protection. There are EMF blockers that can be installed in certain electronic devices, while EMF protection jewelry is created in specialty stores that can be worn throughout the day. Whether through microwave shielding or EMF shielding fabric, there are steps you can take to reduce the physical toll electromagnetic radiation causes daily.

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