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When you think of people losing their hair, most often you will likely think of men. Many men go bald throughout their middle age and into their older years. Sometimes their hair thins and sometimes they lose it altogether.

When you think of hair transplants, you would most likely think of men in this regard as well. Men have been trying their best to hold onto and regrow their hair for decades. Hair loss, however, is not something that happens to men only. Women experience hair loss just like men but haven’t chosen to do much about it until now.

Hair loss in women is getting much more notoriety these days. In the United States alone, roughly 21 million women are experiencing hair loss. They are among the 811,363 sufferers who are seeking some kind of medical treatment worldwide. And with 100 being the average number of hairs being lost every day by folks who have hair loss issues, the new medical technologies being employed in the hair rejuvenation industry are bringing hope that a fuller head of hair could once again be possible.

The transplantation of hair has really come quite a way from the days when doctors used very generalized cutouts from the backs and sides of heads to replant the bald areas. Plugs were often used and they were not very conspicuous. There once was a time not too long ago when a person who underwent hair transplantation surgery could be very easily identified on the street, and the turning of the heads was not the kind of head turning the patient had been hoping for.

Now, things are much different. The surgery is much more precise. Surgeons can now transplant tiny groups of one to four hairs at a time. These groups are known as follicular units and they provide a much more natural look for the patient. The real trick for a transplant surgeon is to mimic the angles and directions of the hair follicles to make them look as natural as possible.

It is precisely because of these improvements in surgery that more and more women are seeking out the transplant options. Many of the top hairstylists are even recommending certain doctors to their clients who have struggled with hair loss for some time. With the latest advances, even the best hair stylists are being taken by surprise at just how natural the newly transplanted hair looks.

There are still wigs and other options for women who don’t want to take the chance on hair transplants, but women who want their real hair again are finding a great deal of success with the techniques that have been developed.

One of the issues women have that differs from men can be how the hair is lost. With women, the hair can thin and fall out, not leaving solid enough hair to “borrow” for the transplant. But, everyone is different. So, if you are a woman with hair loss, this might be the perfect time to look into trying something new.

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