In recent decades, well-documented upward trends of obesity and sedentary activity have caused some health experts to declare that an obesity epidemic is underway, and even without any use of alarmist language, it is often easy to see that too many American adults and children alike are not getting enough exercise, and at the same time are eating poorly, and this can negatively impact health in many ways, from increased risk of heart disease and arthritis and diabetes to disrupted sleep patterns, low energy levels, and even mood disorders. The good news is that getting back into shape (and maintaining it) does not have to be grueling; it can in fact be a lot of fun, and the health benefits are many. The best gyms in one’s area will have equipment and space for all sorts of cardio and strength training alike, depending on one’s preferences and muscle strength, and workout novices and body builders alike can find something useful at the best gyms. A personal trainer, once hired, can coach a client into sculpting a powerful body, and weight lifting, stationary bike riding, stretches, and more are all options.


Rising rates of obesity can often blamed, generally, one several particular factors. One is the rise of fast food and processed foods, which have a lot of refined grains and added sugars, whole fats, and oils, which are designed to make the food more appealing to taste and thus draw in more customers. But the price is a vastly boosted intake of calories, fats, and sugars that can easily exceed daily intake limits, and this rapidly boosts a person’ waistline. Along with this factor is a general trend toward sedentary lifestyles in both children and adults. In the former case, kids are using electronic screens like handheld game devices and personal computers more than ever, often seven hours a day, and this is time not spent playing outside and burning calories in the backyard, local park, or sports field. This can foster unhealthy attitudes about lifestyle choices in kids that grow worse as they become older. And for adults, they often work sedentary 9-5 jobs or other indoor jobs all day, then go straight home in a traffic jam and continue to sit or lay around, burning no calories. This is a problem because it not only causes weight gain, but sleep and mood are negatively impacted by weight gain and sedentary lifestyles (the exact causality may be debated). All this adds up to an overall picture of overweight or obese adults and children alike. But there are ways to reverse this.

Going to the Best Gyms

Weight training for adolescents, adults, and even weight training for seniors is just one route to take at the best gym in one’s area. Exercise can take many forms indoors, such as the use of medicine balls or ab wheels to work out particular muscle groups, as well as stationary bikes, jump ropes, and general aerobics and even swimming (many gyms have a pool). This allows any person to use the workout gear they like for personal taste and needs, and a personal trainer will learn his/her client’s needs and medical history, as well as their workout goals, and devise a professional-grade workout program to get the best results within a given time frame. Slow motion exercise may be preferred for senior citizens or younger adults recovering from recent surgery or injuries, but even milder exercise like this allows a person to reap the benefits of burning calories and exercising muscles.

What are other benefits to exercise at the best gyms or a sports field? Playing sports allows a person to have a good time playing a game such as soccer or basketball with others, which also promoted teamwork and coordination, and exercise in general releases endorphins to enhance mood, known as the “runner’s high.” This can help a person’s mood. Also, since human beings are naturally designed for exertion in the day, the body is unsatisfied with a sedentary life and this can negatively impact mood and sleep, but exercise will keep this all in check. What is more, developing muscles during workouts at gyms and sports will lead not only to an appealing body but gives a person more energy in the day.

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