Addiction is a powerful force.

It completely redefines how you approach your everyday life. The way you eat, the way you sleep, how you spend time with your friends and family. It’s at its most powerful at its most subtle, meaning it can be a long time before you come to terms with the changes you’re going through. A treatment center isn’t an extreme decision or a last resort, but a simple way to determine the state of your addiction and how to best approach it. Chicago methadone clinics will sit you down, ask you a few questions, and get you in a much better spot to address it all.

From heroin rehab to maintenance treatment, your resources are more plentiful than you realize. Looking up ‘methadone clinic near me’ may be the hardest step, but it’s also the most powerful.

What Are Rates Of Addiction In America?

You might be feeling isolated in what you’re going through. It’s not uncommon for those living with addiction to keep their condition from family and friends, whether it’s in the hopes of not being judged or just downplaying the symptoms. The United States sees millions of people coming to terms with being addicted to heroin, opioids, and alcohol. A recent study revealed 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have a substance use disorder, with two million involving prescription pain relievers. Before you type ‘methadone clinic near me’, ask yourself this question.

Where Do Most Heroin Addictions Start?

Getting to the root cause of addiction is the most important element involved in treatment. Just like you wouldn’t remove a weed by snipping off the top, neither would you look up ‘methadone clinic near me’ without searching inward. Four out of five new heroin users in America started out misusing prescription painkillers. Another study estimates nearly 25% of individuals who use heroin will later develop an opioid addiction. Some medication has naturally addicted qualities, though mental illness remains one of the most significant factors in dependency.

Is There A Link Between Mental Illness And Addiction?

Have you suspected you might be living with depression or anxiety? Mental illness is a difficult topic to broach for numerous reasons, including social stigma and fluctuating symptoms, and can leave you in a bad spot to live your best life. Using substances to cope with feelings of despondency, panic attacks, fatigue, mood swings, and suicidal thoughts is more common than you think. Inpatient methadone is a good place to start to reduce the rate at which you crave the drug, putting you in a better position to attend therapy and get a bigger picture on your mental health.

What Is A Methadone Center?

You might have heard about the benefits of the methadone center. For over 50 years methadone has been proven to be one of the most reliable and effective forms of treatment for individuals struggling with an opiate addiction. Its treatment success rates range between 60% and 90%, with these outcomes improving the longer you attend sessions. Compare this to abstinence-based and non-medical treatments, which have a success rate of 5% to 10% on average. The first step toward approaching being addicted to opioids is to visit a clinic and ask for a physical.

Should I Look For A Methadone Clinic Near Me?

Your addiction, just like any other health issue, can be looked at critically and dissected accordingly. It’s in your best interest to compile a list of information to take to your local heroin rehab center to better aid a medical professional in learning about your condition. Family history, length of addiction, symptoms, mental health, and any other relevant information will help them give you a proper diagnosis so you can finally start receiving help. Methadone’s effects last for one to two days, providing you a hint of relief and a better perspective than you’ve ever had.

Addiction may be powerful, but reliable medicine and consistent therapy is more so. Look up ‘methadone clinic near me’ and learn how you can finally start reversing your dependency.

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