To start, it is important to consider the fact that about 10% of the global population live with disabilities. A lot of people require wheelchairs for any sort of mobility or activity, making the parts for the chairs needed quite often because of the requirement. Even more important than your car that offers transportation on main roads, the immediate repair of wheelchairs is needed for those who have these wheels taking the place of their legs.

The Many Disabilities Leading to Wheelchairs

Disabilities are often related to so many other problems, often making about 70% less income annually than those without disabilities, despite the laws that have been initiated regarding equality. Considering the fact that about 20% of the world’s poorest individuals have disabilities, the care and comfort that is needed to manage the stress of these situations is hard to come by. For those without the ability to walk, footrests for wheelchairs can be helpful in adding some additional comfort and stress relief while offering at least a moderately active lifestyle. Without their feet dragging the ground, disabled individuals are able to at least keep moving with the assistance of footrests for wheelchairs.

Mobility for the Disabled

First, wheelchairs are needed for many with disabilities to get around on a daily basis. So many different people have disabilities, whether they were born with them or suffered injuries of some sort. Many disabled veterans are those who need wheelchairs and other assistance for mobility, sometimes with additional features that can be of the best help. There is much about the wheelchair that is able to help a disabled person maintain a certain amount of independence, and some of these include:

  • Calf straps for wheelchairs
  • Footrests for wheelchairs
  • Bearings for wheelchairs
  • Off road wheelchair tires
  • Performance wheelchairs
  • Side guards for wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair backrests
  • Wheelchair brakes

With these and many more options, there is much to consider about the wheelchair as a replacement for the legs you may not be able to use any longer. So much more is available in the wheelchairs that work for special olympics or other competitive games and races for those who have no reason to leave activity behind.

Wheelchairs Needed in the United States

At this point, about 3.6 million Americans over the age of 15 use a wheelchair, especially to help maintain a certain amount of accessibility to general society. With many special features that assist in mobility, along with others that add personal decoration like wheelchair seat covers, wheelchair side guards, and wheelchair hand rims, there is an ability to add to the item that otherwise feels like a negative option to stand out in a crowd. With these additional options, wheelchairs can be more personalized and fun, leaving the self-consciousness of disabilities behind.

With many different programs available to help disabled individuals on a daily basis, permanent care may not be as essential as helping those with disabilities in having independence in the use of their wheelchairs. Without the use of legs, footrests for wheelchairs help all those in need of activity to keep moving all the time. With the ability to access all locations, many of these people can work with the best locations still moving on their own because of the wheels they have. Keep moving with everything the wheelchairs offer, and you will continue with great independence and strength, no less mobility than those who run the marathon.

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