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Life can feel like a confusing, twisted maze sometimes. Many people tend to have too much on their plates, as the tendency of society is to create standards that are very difficult to reach. Multi tasking is expected, loading up on responsibilities, tasks, hobbies, and obligations to the point of barely having any time to relax is considered the norm.

The world in general has changed immensely over the last few decades, with the growth of technology, access to information, and a number of other factors, and people are made to feel that if they do not fill their schedules as full as possible, they are not productive members of society. This is detrimental on a number of levels, and it far too often leads to mental, emotional, and even physical issues over time.

Understanding when counseling is the right path

Oddly, there is quite the stigma against getting counseling or therapy of any kind, as prevalent as the need for these services is. It may not seem to be that odd, at first glance, simply because the typical perspective of what many call normal or functioning society is that the need for such help indicates that the person is weak or strange. This is the stigma in action.

In truth, the vast majority of people across the country would significantly benefit from such help, whether in the form of family therapy, individual counseling, or group therapy. There are far too many traumatic situations that far too many people have had to endure for therapy to be a stigma. We all need to realize that we are all in this life thing together, and it just makes sense to take care of our mental health rather than sweep everything under the rug for the sake of image or society’s unrealistic expectations.

The issues that you face could be quite common

Ideally, we as a species would eliminate the issues that plague so many. Banding together to grow and learn how to treat each other in healthy ways would be some major steps in the right direction. We are not quite there, in the society we currently live in. But one thing that sometimes helps to makes things easier is the knowledge that you are not in it alone, and that there are others who understand what you are going through.

Over the course of one year, there were around 16 million adults throughout the nation who experienced one or more depressive episodes. There are more people than you realize who struggle with anxiety, social or personality disorders, traumatic event recovery, and so much more.

Taking positive steps in the right direction

The good news is that things are starting to change, however slowly. People are starting to wake up to the reality of the need for things like family therapy or one on one counseling. And the results are overwhelmingly positive for those who have already begun to talk about their issues.

For those who have put in the work in marriage or family therapy, about 93% of them have reported feeling better equipped to deal with their issues. They have also said that they have noted improvements in their physical health and their overall ability to function on the job. It is also worth noting that by seeking help from a licensed therapist, patients end up spending anywhere from 20% to 40% less money than if they would have headed to a psychiatrist or psychologist first.

There are ways to tone down your busy life and feel more content overall. Once you start to get the counseling you need, whether from family therapy or by speaking to a therapist on your own, you will surely notice a positive spike in your happiness and wellbeing.

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