What are the most common signs of drug abuse?

If you’re concerned with whether or not you’re exhibiting telltale signs of dependency, or know someone who is relying overmuch on alcohol to get through the week, this is a question that will yield important answers. Addiction is a common story in the United States, each one with its own unique details, and yours is just as important as anyone else’s. Whether you’re a new addict or someone who has been struggling for a few years now, an addiction recovery center can provide you the resources you need to get back on your feet again.

It doesn’t seem possible sometimes, but a drug abuse treatment center has seen a thousand stories much like your own and, as such, has more than enough resources to meet you halfway. Let’s see what they entail by asking the right questions.

What Are Signs Of Drug Abuse?

When you start noticing signs of drug abuse it’s not uncommon to wonder if you’re beyond help. Treatment for addiction, however, starts in many stages of life. You know you’re relying overmuch on drugs to get you through the week when you spend more money on alcohol or prescription medication than food, when you face severe withdrawals or when you have trouble sleeping. Knowing the signs of drug abuse is essential to reducing your risk of overdose, that of which is increasing in prevalence these past few years.

What Are Common Drug Addictions?

It’s possible to be addicted to many things, from overeating to watching too much television. When it comes to drug usage? Alcohol, opioids and heroin are some of the most common addictions in the United States. Back in 2012 doctors wrote over 250 million opioid prescriptions. This coincides with recent statistics that see three out of five overdose deaths in the country involving an opioid. Alcohol is particularly common both due to alcohol culture and its accessibility in everyday life.

Why Do People Become Addicted?

Addiction is a symptom, not a cause. Nobody wants to be beholden to a substance that dictates how they eat, sleep and interact with their loved ones. Mental illness is a major contributor to today’s addicted population, with many using substances to help them cope with severe anxiety, depression and PTSD. In 2015 over two million Americans were faced with substance abuse disorders related to prescription medication, such as opioid pain relievers, while another 590,000 had heroin use disorders.

Can Drug Abuse Be Fatal?

One of the biggest concerns with unchecked drug abuse is the increased risk for an overdose. Between 2010 and 2013 female heroin overdoses tripled, increasing from less than one out of every 100,000 to one in every 100,000. While that doesn’t sound like much, look at it from another angle. The American Society Of Addiction Medicine found drug overdose to be the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, with 2015 seeing over 50,000 overdoses alone.

Can A Drug Rehab Center Help Me?

Substance abuse treatment begins with a little honesty. It means recognizing the key signs of drug abuse in your life and recognizing where they come from in the first place. A drug rehab center can then provide you with community resources, therapy and even medication to help curb your addiction and piece your life back together again. Nearly 30% of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain will misuse them, according to data provided by the National Institute On Drug Abuse, and over 10% will develop a drug use disorder.

Addiction has many different stories. How can yours change with the aid of a substance abuse center?

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