What are you dong to stay fit this summer?

As many Americans are out running around the lake on the hottest and most humid mornings, there are also a growing number of fitness fanatics who are taking advantage of local gyms that provide cooler middle of the day workout options, as well as early morning classes that start and finish before most people have to be n the office. Behind the gym classes and weight rooms that serve so many Americans today there is a complicated, and hopefully efficient, set of health club software systems keeping things running smoothly.

Whether a member is coming in for a morning yoga class or rushing in over lunch to get in a lifting session and shower, no member wants to wait in a long check in line. For this reason, the best member account management software packages allow easy and quick access. In low cost gyms, this member account management software might allow memebers to check themselves in with a swipe of a card; in high end gyms with more services, health club management software allows staff members to greet customers by name when they present their card at the front desk. No matter which system is used, it is always important to know that the software not only accurately tracks billing statements and payments, but that it also tracks membership trends and preferences.

Local and National Gyms All Rely on the Accuracy of Health Club Management Software

Understanding the attendance rates at various hours throughout the day can help health clubs properly staff their sites. It may be important, for instance, to have extra locker room staff and health club restaurant workers during the peak hours as determined by the number of card member swipes that occur throughout the day.

Consider some of these facts and figures about exercise habits and health club membership trends to understand the importance of having the best health club management software package in place:

  • 58 million people go to a gym or health club every year.
  • 36% of all regular exercisers participate in a fitness class of some kind.
  • 67% of people with gym memberships never use them, so it is important for a location to understand actual attendance numbers in order to provide the right staffing.
  • Research indicates that the average gym membership owner will go to the gym twice a week.
  • $58 is the average monthly cost of a gym membership.
  • Currently, there are an estimated 30,500 gyms and health clubs in the U.S.

With the right kind of member account management software packages gyms of all size can more accurately bill their clients, as well as track the busiest hours of the day to make sure that the right amount of staff is on hand.

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