Right now, 75% of U.S. citizens have had foot health problems that vary in severity at some point in their lives. Are you having problems with your feet? Have you considered seeing your physician about them? Chances are when you visit your regular doctor, they will advise you go see a foot specialist otherwise known as a podiatrist. You will be referred to the best podiatrist in Northern VA so you get the care your feet deserve.

What Can the Best Podiatrist in Northern VA Do for You?

Podiatrists are medical specialists that focus on problems with your feet and lower legs. They also treat injuries due to sports, diabetes and any other ongoing health complications. They are doctors although they got to a different type of school and have their own professional associations. Podiatrists have ‘doctor of podiatric medicine’ after their official names instead of ‘medical doctor’. Some podiatrists offer options for surgery, can reset bones that are broken, order X-rays and lab tests and can prescribe prescriptions. They work closely with other different types of specialists when patients exhibit signs of having problems with their lower legs or feet. The best podiatrist in Northern VA will be licensed and follow regulations set forth by officiating state governments.

Podiatrists Have the Education and Training to Provide Ankle Pain Treatment and More

You may be wondering what type of education and training the best podiatrist in Northern VA has had. Before a student can become a podiatrist, they take courses in college such as chemistry, biology and physics as well as other types of scientific classes that help them prepare for podiatry school. Their education starts with a bachelor’s degree in biology or some other field of similar science. Podiatry school itself lasts for four years and studies how muscles, nerves and bones work together to help people walk and move including other foot and ankle conditions. Injuries and illnesses are also studied so they can become the best foot care specialist ready to diagnose and treat foot pain so you enjoy the best foot health possible.

What Type of Conditions Does the Best Podiatrist in Northern VA Treat?

A podiatrist treats patients of all ages to address many different foot-related conditions. If you have suffered from a sprain or fracture a visit to your podiatrist is necessary since they offer treatments that range from sports medicine to every day medicine. Treatments also come with sound advice concerning how to avoid future problems. When you have problems with the bones in both feet such as hammertoes and bunions you need to see a podiatrist. When toes do not bend or function right it makes it very difficult to stay mobile. Do you feel the need to hide your toenails? You may have an infection or an ingrown toenail that is giving you fits that a podiatrist can treat immediately.

If you suffer from diabetes then having a podiatrist that can help keep your feet healthy is essential. Diabetes typically causes the blood flow to your feet to become restricted. When this happens you face serious consequences and complications. A podiatrist can help monitor your feet to ensure any calluses or sores are handled safely so you have the chance to recover and be able to walk comfortably.

Podiatrists treat children and adults. If your child is having growing pains it is time to schedule an appointment to have their feet checked. Their feet may point inward or be flat, or tiny toes may not line up correctly. Your podiatrist can examine their feet and recommend braces, exercise or insoles that take care of the problem. In some cases, even surgery may be recommended.

If you suffer from arthritis a podiatrist can effectively treat swelling, inflammation and the wear and tear arthritis causes on your joints. There are 33 joints in each foot. You may need drugs, physical therapy or special inserts or shoes to treat your arthritis. If those options don’t work, your podiatrist may have surgical options available that will work better for you.

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