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How often do you think about the effect hormones have on your body?

Some people pay very close attention. Others consider it a minor detail. No matter where you land on the scale, hormone affect everything we do. They can make us feel fantastic and energized, fueling us all throughout the week as we bounce from work to school to home life. They can also make us suddenly gain weight, sprout unwanted hairs and feel lethargic for no discernible reason. Estrogen supplements are a smart and simple way of balancing your body’s inner functions and, by extension, improving the rest of your life from the inside out.

Menopause seems to come out of nowhere, even though it’s a natural process for many. One day you’re feeling normal, the next everything swings out of alignment and leaves you shaken. The average age of menopause is around 51, though some may find it striking earlier for genetic or environmental reasons. Menopause before the age of 40 is considered early and should be taken just as seriously as a more conventional case, as a shift in hormones will impact everything from your eating to sleeping habits. Menopausal hormone therapy is designed specifically to help older adults transition from one area of their life to the next with fewer hitches in their step.

The most common signs of menopause include a change in weight, unusual fatigue, hot flashes, difficulty sleeping and altered sex drive. Other signs can include an increase in your anxiety (emotional health is interwoven with physical health), reduced bone density and excessive sweating. While any of these conditions isolated is not a sign of menopause, the higher the amount, the more likely it is you’re starting to feel the onset of this natural development. Hormone imbalance treatment can be used to make this process easier.

Hormone supplements are used not just for those suffering a deficit of estrogen, but also for those who need a boost in their testosterone levels. It’s estimated as many as 13 million Americans struggle with low testosterone levels, feeling the impact in their sex life, social life and day-to-day living. Levels of testosterone in the body will rise and fall all throughout puberty, then slowly but surely decrease after the age of 30. One connection between hormone levels and other conditions has been found in men with type 2 diabetes, with one-third of all sufferers also having low testosterone levels.

Hormone supplements are not a new development. At least, not relatively. Human-identical hormones were originally introduced for menopausal symptom relief back in the 1930’s, being considered a perfect replacement for the hormones we create daily. Some people will seek out hormones to help them lose weight, while others may need a boost in their estrogen to combat stubborn hormonal acne. At the risk of sounding redundant? Hormones are everything. If you suspect your hormones are out of order it’s time to visit a specialist and see how you can get them back on the right track once more.

Hormone imbalance treatment takes weeks to start taking effect, but the impact they’ll have on your quality of life is irreplaceable. You can lessen the severity of early menopause and keep both your emotional and physical well-being delivering on a steady basis, combining hormone supplements with a smart diet and regular exercise. The type of hormone deficit you have can only be determined with the aid of a professional, so setting up an appointment or asking for a consultation will help this personal decision be as accurate as possible.

Think what’s ailing you could be a hormone problem? Give balanced hormone therapy a try this year and see the change yourself.

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