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It’s easy to take for granted the technology we use every day. While cellphones, computers and phone towers are incredibly useful and society would not have progressed nearly as far without these tools at our disposal, there’s a common downside many people still don’t know about. EMF, or ‘electrical and magnetic forces’, are minuscule yet damaging radio waves that can cause everything from worsened mental health to trouble focusing. Children, pregnant women, those with mental illness and the elderly population are most at risk for the side-effects. Read below to learn more about EMF dangers and how you can reduce your exposure with EMF protection jewelry or EMF shielding.

What Is EMF?

EMF are the leftover bioeffects of common electrical devices, such as cellphones and cell towers. Electromagnetic frequencies have been found to efficiently harm cells at one billion times lower levels than conventional heating devices, like microwaves, and with deeper side-effects. Bioeffects can occur in the first few minutes of cell and cordless phone use and cause a vast number of long-term side-effects that can affect your quality of life.

What Are EMF Side-Effects?

A 2012 study found that chronic EMF exposure produced a significant amount of physiological stress in cells after a mere year and a half. A national study found that elderly adults with short-term exposure to cell phone radiation reported increased headaches, sleep interruption and concentration problems. Children whose parents frequently used cellphones while they were pregnant had worse ADHD and anxiety symptoms than those who were not so heavily exposed. How can you protect yourself from the after-effects of commonly used technology while still getting to and from work, school and social obligations?

How Can I Protect Myself?

While public initiatives have been set in place to remove the establishment of cell towers in heavily populated communities, it’s imperative to take the initiative and protect you and your family from EMF exposure. There are multiple ways to reduce the possibilities of electromagnetic sensitivity — seeking out an EMF safety store and buying EMF protection jewelry or shielding fabric will go a long way in reducing the long-term negative side-effects of everyday technology use. Buy an EMF protection shield next time you’re out and start improving your physical and mental health as soon as possible.

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