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Alzheimer’s is a difficult diagnosis to accept. In fact, it can be harder for the loved ones of those diagnosed than it is for those actually dealing with the disease. Alzheimer’s, more than any other disease, creates an uncertain future. You can’t be sure of how quickly it will progress. Unlike diseases like cancer, it doesn’t necessarily require quick hospitalization for the patient. And for now at least, it is always progressive, impossible to stop. Still, it’s important that Alzheimer’s patients have as much time in a familiar setting for as long as possible. They shouldn’t have to leave their homes until there’s no alternative. Home care is the best option for most Alzheimer’s patients, but at the same time it can be difficult for family members to drop their lives and care for an Alzheimer’s patient. That’s a full time job. Fortunately, medical concierge services are viable options most Alzheimer’s patients. Senior helpers can not only maintain the quality of life for these patients, but improve it. The longer an Alzheimer’s patient is able to maintain a high quality of life, the more time they will have with their family and friends. But it can be difficult to entrust a loved one in the hands of medical concierge services. So, let’s look into what professional elder care has to offer your loved one.

Alzheimer’s Disease: The Reality

It’s important that we as a nation face Alzheimer’s Disease head on — that way, we can take it seriously, and take finding a cure seriously. Right now, the disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, and one in three seniors die of either Alzheimer’s or dementia. The disease is progressive, and at this moment there is no treatment that can effectively stop or slow the disease. There are, however, therapies and lifestyle choices that can help patients deal with Alzheimer’s more effectively. As a disease that ravages the mind as well as the body, Alzheimer’s often causes mental illnesses like depression in patients. The worse these illnesses become, the shorter life will be for the patient. For many loved ones of patients, the goal is to keep the patient happy, active, and as lucid as possible for as long as possible. This is often done in hopes that the patient will be alive and treatable should an experimental treatment become available. Certainly, medical concierge services can provide many patients with at the very least much better lives than those they would have in “nursing homes”.

Medical Concierge Services: How They Work

Unfortunately, many people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia often end up in nursing homes. The issues with “homes” like these are that it’s difficult for a patient to get individualized care. They also often are in unfamiliar settings, unable to comprehend what is happening for long periods of time. There have also been allegations of elder abuse in this sector of the medical care industry. For these reasons, among others, many have been turning to professional caregivers for seniors. Help at home services are important parts of the medical concierge industry. Essentially, these services keep the patient at home. They still receive therapies and regular doctor’s visits. However, they are cared for by a professional caregiver, or a team of caregivers with which they will become familiar. While professionally equipped and trained, these caregivers are also personal and genuine, becoming a part of regular life for the patient.

Caregivers At Home: The Advantages

There are many advantages to having caregivers at home. For one thing, these caregivers keep the patients engaged in life. This is important for retirees in general — not just Alzheimer’s patients. Research has revealed that the happiest seniors engage in three to four daily activities, while the least happy engage in two or less. Another major plus of these caregivers is that they keep family and friends involved. You never have to worry about how your loved one is being treated — and you never have to disconnect.

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