Cycling is more than just transportation. It’s a way of life!

You see cyclists commuting from work nearly every day. You’ve probably got a few fond memories of learning how to ride a bicycle from your childhood. These handy contraptions are one of the most useful tools around, providing you a cheap means of getting from point A to point B and a form of exercise. For whatever reason you’re thinking of adding a bike to your life, it helps to get familiar with the landscape. There are several parts you can add to your kit to make each trip more comfortable than the last.

There’s a lot to get to and only so much time in the day. Here are five great facts about cycling, from the best parts you can buy to health benefits!

Bicycles Are The Most Used Form Of Transportation Around The World

This won’t come as a surprise, but bicycles are the most commonly used form of transportation across the globe. It’s estimated over 100 million bicycles are manufactured every year, which doesn’t even begin to sum up all the used models sold! As the saying goes: once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget. Bicycles are easy to use and offer a wide range of benefits that last a lifetime. When you dig around for end caps for handlebars you provide yourself the means of being healthy and saving money.

Going Green Means Picking Up A Bike And Enjoying The Breeze

Have you considered living a more eco-friendly lifestyle lately? Alongside recycling those old newspapers you can add cycling to the list, as it goes a long way in reducing pollution. The energy and resources used for creating just one car can be used to make 100 bicycles. In fact, it’s estimated over 235 million gallons of gas are used on a yearly basis. With over one billion bicycles in the world (twice as many as motor vehicles), going green has never been easier…or more enjoyable.

Improving Your Health Is As Simple As Cycling Weekly

Worrying about your health is a detail of the past when you pick up a bicycle. Searching for comfortable end caps for handlebars and a sturdy bike chain will give you the means of staying fit year-round. A 2017 study concluded biking to work burns as much fat as spending 45 minutes at the gym five days a week. Better weight loss and stronger muscles aren’t all you have to look forward to, either. According to research conducted by Glenn Stewart over at the Brunel University in London, cycling lowers the risk of cardiorespiratory diseases by 40%.

Improve Your Mental Wellness With A Bike Frame

Physical and mental health are one in the same. Regular exercise goes a long way in improving your cognitive abilities by providing endorphin and dopamine, the ‘feel good’ chemicals. If you’ve been feeling the weight of chronic stress getting you down — or you’ve been recently diagnosed with mental illness — regular cycling can be your proverbial medicine. Most children are ready to ride a bicycle by the time they’re five, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Young or old, tired or energized, cycling helps us all.

Take Good Care Of Your Bicycle With Good Materials

Should you get some soft end caps for handlebars or invest in better bike pedals? When it comes to adopting cycling as a hobby, you might as well go all out. Every little bit of effort you put toward your bicycle will go a long way — green benefits, physical health benefits, and mental health benefits can all be yours with just a trip to your local bike shop. One study found that, if just 20% of short car trips were replaced by bicycle trips in Milwaukee and Madison in Wisconsin, it would prevent 55,000 tons of carbon dioxide. Ready to go out and get some fresh air?

Get a new bottom bracket or end caps for handlebars and become the cycling fiend you’ve always wanted to be!

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