Are you still suffering from limited mobility due to physical or lower back injuries years ago? While you’ve probably learned to become self-reliant over the years, you might be itching to go back to having an active lifestyle. And what better equipment to use than a power chair with off road wheelchair tires.

You can always use the latest wheelchair models equipped with modern technology so you can enjoy the great outdoors. You can get around the limitations in terrain – like unpaved and rough roads – using off road wheelchair tires. Having tires suitable for all terrains, you can breeze through any road as if it’s smooth.

Continue reading to learn about the factors to take into account when selecting off road tires for wheelchairs.

Criteria To Consider

When looking for the best off-road tires for wheelchairs, it’s important to prepare in advance. And while the best wheelchair may depend on the person using it, there are common aspects to consider.

The following aspects need to be considered:

  • Easy to use: The off road wheelchair tires will be useless if you find it hard to ride the chair. That’s why you should pick the one that’s easy to maneuver around so you can fully take advantage of its off-road capabilities.
  • Durability: A power chair designed for outdoor use must be able to withstand the elements. Otherwise, it will not last long, and you won’t be able to enjoy it completely.
  • Range: This factor applies to electric wheelchairs and refers to the distance you can move with the chair.

Kinds of Outdoor Wheelchairs

4WD SUVs and vehicles equipped with devices like tire chains can aid people in circumventing restrictions that come with driving on icy roads. And it’s the same when you use a wheelchair designed for the outdoors.

Wheelchairs made to be used outdoors come in a variety of styles. You will want to choose the one that’s designed for the terrain you’ll be using it on. Also, keep in mind that the tires are crucial to getting the most out of your ride.

The tires must be compatible with the wheelchair – the same principle that applies to an SUV or sedan where you won’t be able to install an incompatible tire. Then organize wheelchairs by how much time you’ll be using them outside.

Choose between these three outdoor wheelchairs:

  • Light use only: Chairs designed and intended only for light use indoors will not have the best range. But while they can be adaptable for use both indoors and outdoors, you can’t expect to use this type of chair for an adventure on rough terrain. The flexibility can be a burden if you’re planning to use it outdoors most of the time as it has the least mobility among the three types.
  • Medium use: With a longer range, these power chairs can be used in more difficult terrain than the light type. Chairs not designed for heavy use, like beach chairs, belong to this category.
  • Extreme use: If you intend to spend a considerable amount of your time outdoors, this is the chair to buy. You can use it for your great adventures, allowing you to navigate rugged terrains easily.

What To Look For When Buying All-terrain Wheelchair Tires

Like vehicle tires designed for all-terrain use, the concept of an all-terrain tire for wheelchairs is just as simple. With special treads, these wheels can generally handle most terrain – regardless of their ruggedness or smoothness.

It’s always better to have more treads in the tires. This way, you can maneuver any road without fear of slipping. The tire should have an excellent grip to traverse both smooth and rugged paths.

If you want to satisfy your thirst for having an active lifestyle, you should change the stock tires of your wheelchair to something more suitable for the terrain you’ll be traversing.

Choose the Best Tires for Your Wheelchair

Choosing the right wheels can be as difficult or as simple as you make it to be. And while the stock off road wheelchair tires that came with your power chair will probably work well enough, it’s still better to customize them. The things pointed out above will aid you in matching a wheelchair with the correct tires appropriate for the terrain you’ll be traversing.

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