Proton therapy for cancer

The human species has made incredible advancements in countless areas in the relatively short amount of time that we have had on this planet. From the discovery of fire to the harnessing of electricity and beyond, progress has been made at astonishing rates. Each time we collectively reach new heights, new discoveries, inventions, and advancements are made. The human mind is a truly amazing thing.

However with such rapid progress has also come with quickly developing problems, such as environmental decline, faltering societies, and diseases and illnesses unique to humans, often caused by some of these amazing advancements. One major weakness that this brilliant, powerful species faces is the inability to cure cancer, an awful, too frequent occurrence that in some way touches the lives of just about every single person on the planet. The optimist must believe that there is no way that our smartest minds won’t figure out a solution in the near future. But in the meantime, current science and medicine does what it can to battle the ever-present monster.

Getting closer to the cure
Receiving the diagnosis, or hearing that a loved one has been stricken with cancer, is devastating. Fighting cancer is a major battle that unfortunately, too many people lose. There have been steps made along the path of progress, and slowly but surely, it seems we are getting closer to more definitive solutions. There are a few different choices when it comes to cancer treatment therapy, probably the most popular of which is chemotherapy. Radiation treatment for cancer has been deemed by many to be the most successful option, though it is not an easy road. As professionals continue to work toward a cure and more advanced cancer treatment options, more accurate, successful, and effective methods are sought.

Considering different prostate cancer options
There are many different types of cancer, and the type of cancer a patient has might determine the type of treatment that he or she decides to pursue. Prostate cancer is among the common types of cancer diagnoses among men. Exploring different prostate cancer options is important in deciding the best way to move forward with treatment and attempts to rid the body of the cancerous elements. Treating prostate cancer can be tricky because often the treatments, though effective in ridding the body of cancer, can also damage surrounding areas or organs in the body. Discussing all prostate cancer options with your doctor is crucial in finding the best possible approach to the problem.

Proton therapy for prostate cancer

Proton therapy is a fairly new development in cancer treatment. It is still a type of radiation, similar to other methods, but it has been successful in more specifically targeting the cancerous tissue. Other standard types of radiation that cannot be so specifically pinpointed often ends up negatively affecting previously healthy tissue. Proton therapy has been successful at reducing the risk of damage to this healthy tissue by delivering as much as 60% less radiation to that surrounding tissue that has not been harmed by the tumor.

This is a huge development, as some studies have shown that there is a majorly reduced risk of coming out the other side of the treatment impotent. The proton therapy can more accurately be honed in on the tissue that needs to be eradicated, while keeping everything else intact and healthy. As many as 94% of men reported staying sexually active after such treatment.

Cancer has been an enormous problem for our species. But there is hope that at some point in the not-to-distant future, we will have the tools to do away with cancer for good. Today’s prostate cancer options show that we are well on the way to success.

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